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Sink into layers of comfort with the best natural mattress
handmade in the UK

Everything you need to know to pick the best mattress for you

What’s so great about
our mattress?

The best thing about the our matresses are the signature natural ingredients combined with premium layers of comfort, we give you a sleep-boosting, pressure-relieving mattress that provides the best sleep night after night.

Helps Regulate Body Temperature


Five Zoned Pocket Springs that contour to your body perfectly

Non-toxic and healthy: Traditionally made from natural materials

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic

Premium support of the whole body


Why is Ely mattress a great choice
for those who are conscious of
natural & healthy ingredients?

By using only natural materials to create our Ely mattress, we’re confident that our product is healthy and environmentally friendly. The Ely mattress has numerous reviews and feedback from customers, from which we have continued to develop our product to suit your needs. With more than 40 years of experience in the mattress and sleep industry, we have created two feels of mattress that are suited to most body types – to help relieve your aches and pains. We’ve also got some more mattress products in the pipeline which we hope to launch later this year.

What’s great about the
five-zoned pocket spring?

All Ely mattresses feature a five-zoned pocket spring, which helps align the spine and provides optimum support, no matter how much you weigh. This creates a supportive surface that emphasizes comfort and eases the body to feel relaxed whilst helping to regulate your body temperature.

Why doesn’t Ely use memory
foam in their mattress?

First and foremost, memory foam is not a natural ingredient. Our ethos is all about creating a product that is natural and healthy for you. Memory foam mattresses are losing popularity and more and more people complain about sinking too deep into the surface. It also makes moving around and getting out of the bed harder for people with a heavier body type. What more, research has shown that memory foam mattresses become too warm and cannot regulate body heat.

Finding the perfect
mattress for you

When we founded Ely, we listened to what customers wanted in a mattress and we wanted to create the best mattress that ticks all the right boxes. We’ve looked at optimum sleep conditions, optimum sleep temperature, support for different body types and then created a natural product that is healthy and whole. We won’t stuff our mattress into a box – we believe in letting it breathe and delivering it whole, then placing it in the room of your choice. The ingredients we use are locally sourced in the UK and the premium layers of different materials work collaboratively to provide the greatest support possible which allows your spine to remain straight during the night.

Have a look at the two different feels of mattress that Ely provide online and see what you think is best for your body type. If you’re unsure, feel free to send us a message and our sleep experts can help you decide which mattress to buy. Then we’ll deliver it in a timescale that suits your needs. Test the mattress of your choice for a 30-night trial period in the comfort of your own bedroom – without salesmen pressuring you to buy on the spot.

The Ely Mattresses provide
support for all types of sleepers

Back Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Front Sleepers

Starfish Sleepers

Double Sleepers

Single Sleepers

What more could you want from a mattress?