10 reasons why wool mattresses are the best

Wool has become a really popular option these days, not just for mattresses. The growth in use of natural materials for all types of products means this naturally absorbent, breathable material has become a firm favourite. But that doesn’t mean it is new.

Wool has been used as far back as Ancient Egypt (Circa 3000 B.C to 1000 B.C), when Egyptians invented the raised bed. This was to assist with keeping people off the cold ground and make it harder for insects, snakes and rodents to crawl over sleeping people. Original beds were made from wood, and the quality depended on your wealth, with those of high social status covering their beds in jewels, ebony and gold. As for the mattress, it was most commonly made from wool cushions, and linen sheets were used for that added bit of comfort.

The industrial revolution brought easy ways to make cheaper synthetic materials and shape them into products, and thus wool became a sort of secondary product. Foams and latex were king for a long time. But these ‘advancements’, far from being a step forward, were a step back for improved comfort and support. There were those of us who always believed that wool, and other natural materials, were better. Safer, more hygienic, and more comfortable.

Now, wool is being reused as a popular mattress filler, as the benefits of using natural materials in mattresses becomes ever clearer. It’s considered luxurious again.

Here are our top ten reasons why using wool in mattresses is the best option.

1. Breathable and warm

We know that wool is warm and cosy, because sheep are never cold. Well, not unless the weather gets really, really bad. And let’s face it, in your bedroom, you’re highly unlikely to confront the temperatures sheep face when they’re sitting in the field or out in a barn on a winter’s night (or a summer one, for that matter!).

But thanks to wool’s breathable qualities, you won’t overheat in it, either. That’s because wool’s breathable qualities mean it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Air passes straight through its natural fibres, to perfectly regulate your temperature.

2. Resistant to moisture

Have you ever seen an uncomfortable looking wet sheep? No? That’s because wool is naturally resistant to moisture. It actually wicks it away, which means you’ll never find yourself drenched in your own sweat. Wool mattresses shift moisture from the centre of the mattress to the outside and evaporates. Unlike other fillers, like foam, wool assists with keeping your mattress dry, which stops the development of mildew and mould.

3. Naturally fire resistant

Have you ever seen a sheep on fire? I mean, it probably has happened, but wool is naturally fire resistant, unlike some other unnatural materials, which actually require toxic fire retardants to be added in order to make them safe should the worst happen.

Part of wool’s amazing fire resistant qualities comes from its ability to starve itself of oxygen, which fires need to thrive.

4. Environmentally friendly

Wool is a sustainable material, which means it is environmentally friendly. Its biodegradability does not contribute to growing waste pollution, unlike other synthetic materials, which can take years to break down and die. Millions of mattresses are chucked into landfill everywhere, and as our population grows, we can’t sustain that anymore.

5. British farming support

If you’re looking to support British farmers, wool is a good choice of material to source out and by. Here at Ely, we use wool from The Dorset Horn, one of Britain’s oldest breeds of sheep. Its wool is of exceptional quality, as it is dense and contains short fibres, which means it is springy. These beautifully soft flocks are found in South West England, and their wool is used in only the finest products.

6. Free from toxic chemicals

With many plastic alternatives to wool in the market today, there are many potential dangers to health from toxic chemicals. Wool doesn’t need additional chemicals because of its natural properties, which means there’s no off-gassing process, or concern about proximity.


7. Benefits allergy sufferers


Wool has a number of benefits for allergy sufferers. Its ability to absorb moisture means it is a dry environment, which is unwelcoming to bacteria, mould, and dust mites, all of which can make allergies worse. These nasties love to colonise in warm, humid conditions. With wool, there’s no welcome sign for these pests at your door.

Ely mattresses are completely natural, so you won’t have to worry about volatile organic compounds, which can cause allergic reactions because of particles and irritants released as part of the process.

That means wool mattresses are great for people with asthma or eczema.

8. Supports pressure relief

Ely mattresses are made up of 5000 5 Zone VP ActivEdge®Perimeter performance pocket springs and nested tablet pocket springs. Composed of different zones, this allows the heaviest parts of your body to remain in-line with the rest of the body throughout the night, which is important for posture.

These layers and zones are designed to provide clear-cut support and comfort for the key parts of your body.

9. Easy to clean

Wool is super easy to clean and maintain. The fibres included in wool generate a very small amount of electricity, and this repels dirt, dust and lint, leaving your mattress cleaner for longer.

10.  Durable

When looked after properly, wool is both tear resistant and bendy. Did you know wool is stronger than steel? Plus, wool is able to bend back on itself over 20,000 times without breaking.

If you’re convinced it’s time to invest in a natural mattress with wool, shop our range today.


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