10 things to do from your bed during lockdown

Lockdown has gotten to us all by now. We’re feeling a little bored, a little anxious and the lack of meeting other people has left us wanting to find new ways to feel stimulated.

Feeling like you need a duvet day to feel refreshed to tackle the chores of your workload to do list for the next day?

Here are some suggestions on what you can do from the comfort of your own bed during the lockdown. Bring on the duvet day!

1) Read a book in ultimate comfort

A good duvet day means you can still have a great time mind escaping into someone else’s words on a page. It’s the ultimate pass time for wanting to relax and feel happy. Write down 3 books you want to finish this month and get lost in those pages.

2) Watch a film or TV series

Watching television in bed is such a treat. It feels so naughty too. Relax in style by grabbing a bowl of popcorn and put on your favourite current series or film so you can spend some extra hours in your super comfortable bed.

3) Have breakfast in bed

Get your partner to cook you breakfast in bed and feel spoilt. It’s great right now because most of us are working from home, so the time it takes to commute can mean we can take our times to cook a delicious breakfast, AND take it back to bed to get a bit more shut-eye if needed.

4) Facetime or Skype your friends and family

You can have some heart-to-heart conversations from the comfort of your bed! Lay back relax on a comfortable natural Ely Mattress and talk your stresses away.

5) Nap to catch up on beauty sleep

How can we compile a list of things to do in bed and not mention day-time naps? You have the opportunity now to take some extra rest and catch up on all those times you have felt like a complete zombie.

6) Meditate

Meditating in bed is a great way to feel your mind and body relax. You can download apps that help you do just that so turn the lights down, grab some earphones and meditate to feel total bliss.

7) Cut up old magazines and make a collage

Want to get creative? Get some glue, a pair of scissors and make some collages to send to all of your friends and family. It’s a cute way to spend some hours flicking through magazines and creating a page with all the images you love.

8) Do a jigsaw puzzle on a tray

Activities in bed needn’t just be the usual sleep, meditate, sex or daydreaming. You can get a little creative and consider doing some puzzles or a jigsaw on a tray!

9) Write something

Write something – A journal, poetry, write about your goals for the coming months – anything. It’s a good way to destress too!

10) Online shopping

Okay, we saved the best till last. You can shop online from the comfort of your own bed! We suggest starting with shopping for a natural mattress if you don’t already have one. You spend a lot of time in bed. If you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night, you’ll spend a third of your life on a mattress. That’s a lot of time in close proximity to something someone else made for you.

You might not have given much thought to your mattress and what it’s made from, but you should. Mattresses can sometimes contain chemicals that might be harmful to you, such as fire-retardant chemicals. Some mattresses, including memory foam mattresses, go through a process called off-gassing, which happens when volatile organic chemicals used in the manufacturing process leave the material and emit a funny smell.

Mattresses made from natural materials tend to have natural fire-resistant properties, and so they don’t need additional chemicals to make them safe. They also tend to be breathable and that means they’re less likely to harbour moisture and sweat, which turns to mould.

Shop the natural Ely mattress from the comfort of your bed today.


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