10 ways to make your bedroom more relaxing

Having a lot going on at home and work can really get too much at times. For our health and wellbeing, we need to take time for ourselves to relax.

Each room in your house has its own purpose. The kitchen, for example, often gives off a busy working vibe, and the living room is a lively room for gathering. The obvious choice when you want to relax is the bedroom. There, you’re supposed to feel at peace, and you should be able to step into your sanctuary and let the day’s stress drift away.

Here are our top 10 ways to make your bedroom even more relaxing.

1. Tidying up

This might sound so simple, but it is probably the best place to start. Creating a clean space is not only good for the aesthetics of your bedroom, but it is better for hygiene purposes, too. Having a clean and tidy bedroom also eases stress, because it helps us control our senses and stops our eyes being poisoned by mess. It opens up the space so you can see – and enjoy – your room again.

2. Declutter

Too much clutter also triggers stress, and having too many things makes it more difficult to keep your room tidy. Decluttering will give you a sense of controlling your life. Removing what you don’t need or use will enlarge your space and give you room for things you really enjoy.

We’re environmentalists, and would recommend you donate whatever you can.

3. Your bedroom is not your office

You should absolutely avoid working in your bedroom. We should not be moonlighting the bedroom as an office, because our brains will start to associate that space with working, and how can we ever be relaxed and ready for sleep when we are working.

Plus, you spend enough time in your bedroom already, and for the sake of your mental health it is really important you visit other rooms in the house if you can. We are aware that lots of people only have one room, and this can’t be helped. In that situation, try and create a clearly defined area for work as far away from your bed as you can manage.

4. Distance your devices

We’ve already mentioned the laptop, but you should also try to keep your phone out of the bedroom if you can. Phones are often associated with stress, and they can also cause it, because the blue light your phone emits makes you feel awake.

Where possible, keep your phone out of the bedroom. If you usually use it as an alarm, consider buying a different product for that. We love solar bedside lamps, which simulate the sunrise.

5. Adapt your lighting

Intense bedroom lighting is not relaxing, so opt for something more subtle if you can. Bedside lamps are a good idea, especially if you have bulbs that are free from blue light. Dimmers are also excellent, because you can make them less bright as the evening goes on, thus getting your body ready for sleep. Just make sure if you’re reading you aren’t straining to see, as this can put stress on your body, too.

6. Soothe your senses

Soothing your senses is a great way to relax. Think spa. Introduce candles and beautiful scents, flowers and lots of comfortable furniture, so that all of your senses are hit by calming elements when you enter your bedroom.

If you’re using candles, please remember to blow them out before you go to sleep. You might want to consider a diffuser instead, as these emit beautiful smells without running the risk of leaving them on.

Scent wise, we recommend jasmine or lavender.

7. Quality of your mattress

Since you spend one third of your life in bed, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a comfortable, healthy mattress to sleep on.

Ely mattresses are made from all natural materials and are naturally hypoallergenic. Because they are breathable, they wick away moisture, which is really helpful for those of you who sweat.

You might not realise that your current mattress is uncomfortable until you replace it with a new one. If your mattress is over six years old, you should definitely be thinking about getting a new one.

If you’re interested in a new mattress, read more about our thirteen layers. If you’re ready to buy, browse our range.

8. Tone down and update your walls

In your bedroom, great walls can transform the entire look and feel. Consider touching up your existing paint or wallpaper, or swap it all out to make it stylish and up-to-date. Changing the walls in your bedroom is a great way to update it without going the whole hog and completely redecorating.

We recommend neutral tones and a Scandinavian vibe, for relaxation that’s on-trend.

9. Pillows

Pillows are a great way to increase the comfort and relaxation level in your bedroom. They not only look great when stacked, they’re a great place to lean if you spend time in your bedroom reading or relaxing.

If you have allergies, it is important you stay on top of the cleanliness of your pillows, as they do attract dust. Pop them in the washing machine once a month and let them air out.

Spritz them with some pretty smelliest for added comfort.

10. Prep before you sleep

This isn’t really a bedroom update, but prepping before you sleep can do wonders for your relaxation level. Try to avoid technology an hour or so before bed, incorporate a proper sleep cycle into your routine, and try practicing meditation and mindfulness, preferably in your tidy, smart, nice-smelling bedroom, before you go to sleep.

All of this will help your body to realise that the bedroom is where you go to chill out.

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