5 Floral Interior Design Ideas for your Bedroom

The bedroom is considered the most personal room in the house; an ideal safe place to express personality through interior décor. Your room can be anything you want it to be, so think carefully about how you want it to look and feel.

If you’re an admirer of the floral style, then floral décor is the obvious place to start. With such a huge variety of options to choose from, where do you begin? Not all floral patterns were created equal. You can choose from contemporary, mid-century, vintage, and much more. There are floral style colour schemes and prints to suit everyone’s taste and ideals.

Mother nature is your friend here, and can be the perfect inspiration. She will provide you with so many colours to choose from.

Floral is classic. It keeps its elegance and charm, creating a timeless look for bedroom décor.

Here are 5 floral interior design ideas for your bedroom.

1. Contemporary

Contemporary décor changes, and it is useful to note that contemporary means it is the present style. Because it is what is in fashion right now, it can quickly become unfashionable.

Nature in its purest innate sense is the foundation and background for contemporary floral design.

Contrary to popular belief, you can create a contemporary space with floral, by including styles from the 20th century and incorporating numerous elements into the design. Contemporary floral often includes a softer, more natural style.

2. Dark florals


Dark floral designs are hugely on trend. Bright summer styles are out, and we now have a much more gothic vibe to some floral patterns. Using deep inky blues and other dark shades is a new approach to florals, and people are all over it. Moody colours bring a brand new atmosphere to your bedroom.


In terms of actual pattern, dark florals are usually teamed with oversized florals, including dahlias and chrysanthemums. Just be careful you don’t overdo it with the rest of your decor. Wherever you are featuring your dark florals, they should be the statement. Don’t add too much other fussy stuff.


3.  Floral expansion

Expansion is the key word here. Floral expansion means using a floral style, but in a wider context, so including tropical or woodland floral patterns specifically.

Incorporating animals, like birds or elephants, gives new meaning and individuality to the floral design, and allows you to use this classic design in a completely different way.

Look for ‘botanical’ or ‘wildlife’ when you search, and you’ll find a whole load of interesting designs, from the bold and bright to a more muted, cottage type style.

As long as it has flowers, it still counts as floral!

4. Keep it traditional

Traditional floral print is anything that looks like it could be in Little House On The Prairie. Think small, ditsy flowers, and plenty of them. Team with this season’s favourite accessory, dry flowers!

This mid century style is very likeable and an old classic, but probably best suited to cottage style homes, where traditional decor is everywhere.

5. Bright and bold

If you’re looking for flowers in a big way, you might consider bright and bold prints that really make a statement about who you are and what colours you like. Very bold floral paintings, bedding or wallpaper can scream out your personality.

We’d suggest you choose one place to incorporate your bright and bold floral design and leave the rest of your room plain, so that you don’t overwhelm the room.

Why not look at creating a gallery wall? This means that you can change your bright and bold florals to something else if they go out of fashion or are not your taste anymore. This is also a great way to incorporate bright and bold florals without breaking the bank.

Final thoughts

Floral fashion is timeless and stylish, even if it changes slightly as time goes on. It’s a great way to show off your style whilst still remaining trendy, and because there are so many elements to your bedroom – your walls, carpet, the bed and the decor – it’s the perfect place to experiment with floral design.

If you’re not sure which design you like best, we’d suggest you try floral expansion. There are so many incredible floral expansion designs out there that we are absolutely sure you’ll find something you love, and the furniture shops are brimming with accessories that you’ll be able to team with your new floral stuff to compliment it. You can even use new plants and flowers to finish the look.

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