5 Reasons You’ll Love the Ely Mattress

When we decided to create the Ely Mattress, we wanted to create something special that redefines the traditional methods of mattress making. We believe we’ve cracked the secret to the best night’s sleep ever, with our innovative Ely Mattress technology.

We’ve been making mattresses for forty years now. Manufacturing over a million mattresses of different calibre has taught us many lessons over the years. From these lessons, we set of out to create the Ely mattress. When creating Ely, we set out to research the current demand for mattresses on the market and did a lot of market research to listen to why customers chose certain mattresses – we found out what made them special and then found our own unique way of integrating the very best of each popular mattress to create the most wonderful sleep experience for our customers.

Here are some of reasons why so many of our customers love the Ely Mattress:

  1. Natural Mattress with Health Benefits:

Everyone deserves a sleep that is healthy and one that helps your body to recover and recuperate. Therefore, we decided to innovate the traditional methods, examine what works, and bring in what was missing. We started by using the most premium, locally sourced natural materials to ensure our mattress is breathable, comfortable and eco-friendly.

Wool is one of the ingredients we use for our Ely Mattress – we use wool because it has countless natural properties such as dissipating moisture efficiently, insulating and its breathability.  We also use horsehair and cotton to make this mattress natural and breathable. One thing we pride ourselves on above many is that Ely does not use synthetic memory foam, which can actually become too hot and is not a natural breathable material for bedding.

Each Ely Mattress includes thirteen innovative layers to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. We handcraft each mattress to your specification too so you can choose for yours to be medium or firm feel.

Did you know: Natural fibres, such as horsehair, wool, cotton and down are best if you get hot at night. Synthetic memory foam can become hot and may not absorb moisture efficiently so when shopping for mattresses, look for products that combat this if it’s an issue.” UK Sleep Council

  1. Hassle Free and Bespoke Service with Ely Mattress

We offer an option of recycling your old mattress while delivering the Ely Mattress. Simply select this option at checkout and we will take care of the rest.  As mentioned before, we don’t believe in one mattress sleeps all, so we made two feels to allow our customers to choose what suits them best.  Squeezing the life out of our mattress by putting it in a box isn’t our cup of tea either, and it shouldn’t be yours.  We let ours breathe and ensure its life is maximised by keeping it whole, even during delivery and transport. Don’t worry about the size or how it will get to where you want it to end up either! Simply pick which room you want us to put your mattress in, and we will lay it on your bed for you too if you wish.

We offer a FREE 2-man room of choice delivery service within 7-10 working days and in most cases, this is quicker.  If you are urgently needing it quicker than this then contact us when purchasing so we can arrange a premium delivery option that will suit you.

  1. Ely is your Temperature Regulating Mattress for Optimum Comfort

Thanks to the materials used to make the Ely Mattress, it naturally regulates the temperature of the mattress and gives you a better night’s sleep. Ultimately, this airflow system in Ely eliminates the likelihood of overheating which has been traditionally linked with memory foam products.

People often overheat due to foam mattresses having the inability to eliminate heat quickly.  To solve this problem, Ely is providing mattresses with pure Dorset wool, horse hair, soft cotton, silk and cashmere which will let your body balance the optimum temperature for sound sleep.

  1. 30 Night’s sleep trial and 10 Years’ Warranty

Ely are so confident that you’ll totally love the Ely Mattress experience that we offer each buyer a 30 night’s FREE sleep trial. We’re sure you will love your new Ely Mattress, but for peace of mind, buyers love the fact that they have the freedom to try the mattress and still get to decide if it’s right for them. Buying something off the internet needn’t be daunting, when you have a try before you keep policy like ours!

It’s also recommended that you change your mattress every 10 years – ElyCare is for 10 years and we will repair or replace your product if a manufacturing defect occurs.  Please don’t forget to register it on the ‘Register Warranty’ page.

  1. Strapped for Cash? Finance options available

The Ely Mattress is cheaper than other similar mattresses on the market. We understand that sometimes funds are not always available upfront, and that is okay! Purchasing the Ely Mattress is needn’t be a problem if you do not have the cash upfront – thanks to our 0% finance option through our partners DivideBuy we can still get you the Ely experience without coughing up the cash until later. They will perform a credit check to ensure you can sustain your payments and the application will take no more than a minute with an immediate decision. DivideBuy currently have over 96% pass rate on new applicants for finance, one of the highest in the industry.

Heard Enough? Ready to buy your perfect Ely Mattress?

To buy your Ely Mattress, head over to our Shopping page.



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