5 sustainable home brands we love at Ely Mattress

Sustainability is the future. We already know that the world is quickly becoming overpopulated and we are using up it’s resources at an alarming rate. That’s why people are calling for the use of more sustainable brands when we furnish our homes or buy clothing.

At Ely Mattress, we’re all about that. We make our own products from sustainable materials because we know how important it is to preserve the Earth where we can.

But you can’t live with just a mattress, so to help you bring sustainability into the rest of your life, we’re delighted to present our top five sustainable home brands.

We’re going to start with ourselves. Our mattresses are made from thirteen layers of environmentally friendly materials. We use wool, cotton and horsehair because they are sustainable, resilient, and kind to the Earth. Because they are natural materials, they break down when they’re thrown away, which means they are environmentally friendly.

That’s important, because millions of mattresses are thrown into landfill every year, and every mattress you have ever slept on will outlive you, because most of them are made from unnatural materials, and those don’t break down easily.

For more information on our Ely mattress range, read about our thirteen layers.

Collective Stories are passionate about marrying contemporary design with ethical craftsmanship to provide beautiful home accessories from several countries.

They preserve local culture through commissioning traditional crafting techniques in Mexico, Guatemala and the Philippines. Everything you purchase from them is keeping someone in one of these countries employed and earning a decent wage.

They sell gorgeous cushions, rugs, and wall art.

You can furnish almost every room of your house with Collective Stories. We absolutely love their ‘Happy Accidents’ category, where they sell products that aren’t perfect, but are unique (instead of throwing them away).

Anemone & Basilic are committed to providing eco-friendly alternatives to everything you need to run your life. They provide high quality products that reduce waste.

They categorise their products by room and by item, so you can kit out your kitchen or bathroom, or you can browse their gift section if you’re looking for something sustainable to give to a pal.

We love their ‘Children’s’ section, where they have sustainable kids toys and toothbrushes. Their toys will look wonderful as decorative items in your little one’s bedroom.

Nove is a British sustainable lighting company. NOVE creates timeless and contemporary lighting using natural, sustainable materials, working with master crafts people. They’re not shy about it, either. Their designs look like the materials they are made from, to bring the wonderful elements of nature into your home.

On their website, you can shop bulbs, as well as pendant lights, table lights, wall lights, and brackets.

These gorgeous lights will look beautiful in any room, combining beautiful design with a lovely modern aesthetic, and all the rusticity that comes with traditional design.

We particularly love their table lights, which would look excellent on any bedside table.

Firera is a vegan home decor and lifestyle store. They sell beautiful, resilient products for the environmentally conscious buyer.

The company started producing pretty linen products made into lovely pieces to help people live more intentionally. Since then, they have expanded to create tonnes of zero-waste items, which they categorise by room and topic for ease.

They’re constantly growing, so check back regularly for new products.

We love their wellbeing section, where they list everything from candles to linen blankets.

The Small Home promotes slow, mindful and sustainable purchasing. They sell a selection of artisan products that are useful and beautiful, to prevent mindless buying for the home, body, and living. They love handmade products, natural materials, and unique pieces. They support socially and ethically responsible craftspeople, and sell pretty pajamas, ceramics, table linen, candles, cushions, baskets, and gifts for every budget, whether it’s small or generous.

We particularly love their Woman and Wellbeing section, where they sell footwear, jewellry, bags, and beauty items for the modern, sustainable woman.

Sustainability is the key

It’s really important that we all make a move towards sustainability, and with so many great sustainable home brands out there, it’s easier than ever to do.You can even find sustainable pieces in most department stores if you check the labels.

There’s really no reason we shouldn’t be finding sustainable solutions to furnishing our home, because we can do that cheaply and without compromising on style.

And the more we buy, the better the price will get.

For more information on how Ely Mattress brings sustainability to your home through natural materials in our mattresses, read more about our thirteen layer.

To shop our adult and baby sized mattresses, browse our range of sustainable, environmentally friendly mattresses.







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