5 Ways to have a more sustainable Christmas

Even the little steps to sustainability leading up to the festive period make a huge amount of difference and help you start off 2021 with a motivation to help our beautiful planet.

Let’s make this one a green Christmas – What do you say? Moderation isn’t often associated with festive feels, as people prepare to shop, travel eat like there is no tomorrow, but have you thought about the pressure this puts on the planet earth and carbon footprints that are left due to this?

So how can we have a greener, more sustainable but generous Christmas? Here are five wonderfully circular things to help you demonstrate your commitment to the planet:

1. Buy ethically when you’re deciding on Christmas presents

You can still gift beautiful items to your loved ones, but stay conscious about who you are buying from, and whe life cycle of the product. Are you able to make some Christmas gifts from things you already have? Are you able to maybe purchase gifts from some charity shops? Or better yet, if you want to buy something brand new, think about what happens to it at the end of its life-cycle. It is ethically made? Does the brand have sustainable values?

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2. Reduce Food Wastage

The amount of food wasted at Christmas has an enormous carbon footprint. Rather than throwing excess food in the bin, why not put it in the freezer to avoid wasting it? Also, it’s good to know that cooked Turkey will last up to three days in the fridge if stored properly.

The best way to reduce food wastage is by estimating the exact amount you will need to entertain the whole family, rather than making more than enough.

If you’re a big lover of turkey and traditions on Christmas, then try buying an adequate sized organic one, which if we all did would make a huge difference to greenhouse gas emissions and would reduce overall consumption.

3. Use recycled wrapping paper

In the UK, households use an astonishing 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year which if rolled out would go around the world nearly 10 times. You could potentially reuse the paper if it is wrapped without too much sellotape, and you open the gift with care, saving tha paper for next year. However, if you don’t have old paper stored from last year, try sourcing a company that produced Christmas gift wrap that is 100% recycled or sustainable.

4. Make your own Christmas decorations

Skip the tinsel this year, and opt for naturally found Christmas décor. Why not take a walk in the park and see if you can find some fallen pine corns and acorns and spray them in gold or silver?

Another idea is that you can use dried fruit, such as oranges. And, if you are buying Christmas tree lights opt for the solar ones or those with LED bulbs to reduce energy use.

5. Drinking sustainably

A predicted 500 million canned drinks are sold over the Christmas period, so if you drink cans make sure they are recycled properly, or better yet buy glass-bottled beverages.

Can you think of anymore ways to make the Festive period more sustainable?


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