5 ways to ward off tiredness when the clocks go forward

Our tips on how to manage sleep deprivation and tiredness when the clock changes and start every morning with a spring in your step.

Clocks are going forward on Sunday 31st March, and some of us feel tired just at the thought of getting less sleep. For most of us, an extra hour in bed can make a huge difference to energy levels.

You’ll notice the difference an hour makes, when you unintentionally hit your snooze button and wake up 60 minutes later, feeling questionably refreshed… or if you go to bed one hour later than usual and spend the next day feeling like a zombie.

On 31st March, the clocks will change, and you’ll lose that precious hour in bed, which can leave some of us feeling groggy.

To help get you through it, we’ve found five ways to beat the clock-changing lethargy.

  1. Ease yourself into it

We don’t want to sound like we’re preaching but going to sleep at a reasonable hour is important to improve productivity and alertness.

To outwit daylight saving, shave off 15 minutes each night from your usual bedtime over the space of four days prior to Sunday.

If you tend to go to bed at 11pm, then start going to bed at 10.45pm, then 10.30pm and so on, until you’re in bed by 10pm on Sunday Night. Do the same for waking up – until you’re waking up an hour earlier. By altering your wake and sleep hours slowly like this, come Monday morning the earlier waking time will be far less of a shock to your body.

It’s a small difference each day, but by the time those clock hands move forward, you’ll feel the benefit of feeling fresh on the first Monday of April.

  1. Eat healthy

Fighting the fatigue isn’t all about getting those extra minutes in bed, it can also depend on your diet. It’s generally suggested to get between 7 and 9 hours of continuous sleep each night, however many people struggle to get enough even on a regular day. It’s therefore important to eat a healthy and balanced diet in your waking hours to help fuel your body.

Snack on protein-rich foods such as turkey or cheese – or have a glass of milk, along with a small portion of carbs before bed (nuts or crackers, for instance). You need carbs to break down tryptophan, found in turkey and cheese, which is an amino acid that encourages sleep.

You can also incorporate more foods with vitamin B6 in your diet such as bananas or fish, as this is the vitamin essential for making melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone.

  1. Go easy on the alcohol

As appealing as it is to grab a bottle of wine as soon as the sun arrives with its lighter, brighter days, any type of alcohol in excessive amounts can play havoc with your daily body rhythm.

Studies have shown that a night-time tipple, throws off your circadian rhythm and reduces your ability to harmonise – meaning even though you might feel like you’ve had a good night’s sleep, you’re likely to feel sleepier than usual, as the day progresses. So maybe indulge in one glass but say no to the second or third.

  1. Exercise for a good sleep

Okay, you may not like this one, but it will benefit your health, body and mind! We promise!

We understand – You’re feeling miffed about the loss of the extra hour in bed, and you’re not in the mood to think about smashing the next body-trim class, but hear us out…

You don’t need to sign up for 5 classes a week but getting some form of exercise is actually a good way of making you feel less tired, because your body will become energised, your mind will feel clearer and you’ll feel healthier overall.

It’s all to do with increasing your endorphin levels, which in turn boosts your energy levels.

Also, with it not getting dark at 3.00pm every day, it’s a far more enjoyable experience – you won’t leave the gym engulfed in darkness.

  1. Get a better mattress

Welcoming spring with a nice clear out of your bedroom is bliss – and whilst you’re at it, look at investing in a better, natural mattress.

There’s something to be said about having a mattress that is both comfortable and made organically. It allows you to get the best night’s sleep and promotes a good posture even when you are resting, so that you wake up feeling refreshed – mind, body and soul.

People have said they love the Ely Mattresses because we have redefined traditional methods of mattress making – we have chosen some of the finest, locally obtained natural materials, to make our mattresses naturally good for promoting a sound night’s sleep.  We don’t believe in one mattress sleeps all, so we made two feels to allow our customers to choose what suits them best.

For the perfect night’s sleep and to ward off tiredness when the clocks go forward, buy your Ely mattress here.

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