8 Tips on how to break the exhausting cycle of sleep deprivation

Suffering from sleep deprivation lately? It’s time to find ways to relax and switch off.

We already know that sleep strengthens our immune systems – but what happens when we don’t get the eight hours a day? Well, it has the opposite effect, it can weaken our immune system, make you disposed to illnesses, and deteriorates our mental and physical capabilities.

Easier said than done – getting eight hours of kip a day – what with, never-ending bill, concerns over our health, world pandemics, climate change, riots…. The question is, what doesn’t keep us up during the night? With our already-busy lifestyles, we’re suddenly faced with home schooling, working from home, payment holidays, it’s not so easy to switch off and relax.

But there are some remedies to this exhausting cycle of sleep deprivation. Ely Mattress find some natural and effective ways to beat sleep deprivation.

1.    Ditch the synthetic and non-natural materials in the bedroom

Research reveals that our sleep is optimised when we sleep cool. However, synthetics such as polyester and memory foam are the devils for causing a hot night’s sleep. If you want to beat sleep deprivation, the first step is to create an environment in which you can encourage ideal sleep conditions.

Invest in a natural mattress and get yourself some cotton sheets and bedding to help your sleep better.

2.    Put your phone or tablet away

We know it’s all too tempting to scroll through your social media feeds when you get into bed. But this hinders your sleep by stopping melatonin production in the brain (hormone responsible for sleepiness). What more, research has shown that social media scrolling can trigger cortisol response in our brains, which keeps us alert and awake even more.

3.    Start journaling before going to bed

Writing your thoughts out on paper will help declutter your mind, so that you can sleep better.

Persistent thoughts and worries are a very real reason to miss out on sleep, and sometimes the best thing to do is just a continuous brain stream on paper. Pick up a pen and your journal, and literally write everything down that’s on your mind. It doesn’t even need to make sense – it’s just a way to empty your mind. The best way to do this is to write your conscious thoughts until there is nothing left to write.

4.    Exercise improves our sleep habits

Lockdown has definitely made keeping active a lot harder. Gyms closed all around us, and buying equipment to exercise at home became almost impossible. Having said that, we can still do exercise that doesn’t require equipment or you can compromise by using items from around the home.

Exercise actually improved our mood, it improves the quality of sleep we get and keeps us healthy.

5.    Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine is the answer to our sleep deprived mornings – we totally understand. Especially us parents who are juggling a million things the minute we get up. But we also know that caffeine can play havoc with our sleep and routine if we do not limit our intake.

That being said, you will know your own caffeine sensitivity so can stop drinking it come late afternoon/evening. Research also tells us that caffeine can linger in our bodies for four to six hours.

6.    Natural light helps

It’s amazing what lighting can do for sleep. Darkness indicates to our bodies, that it’s time for rest, whilst light will naturally wake us up. Natural light helps to regulate our circadian rhythm. It helps our brains understand the difference between day and night and also produces melatonin at the right times.

In the day time, get as much natural light as opposed to artificial light as possible. Open those curtains or blinds, go for a walk, or work outside – the more natural light you get, the better for your sleep at night.

7.    Avoid over-indulging

Eating or drinking heavily before bed can play havoc with your sleep. If you have had a heavy meal an hour before bedtime, it will mostly likely make getting to sleep and staying asleep uncomfortable. This is because we haven’t given our body the proper time it needs to digest the food.

8.    Invite in a breeze

Open a window slightly during the night, as we’ve mentioned many times, a cooler bedroom creates a better sleep environment. It’s actually a great feeling, when you can feel a soft breeze entering your room, whilst you are snuggled under a duvet.

Natural hypoallergenic mattresses are best for optimum sleep conditions. To make your first step in breaking your cycle of sleep deprivation invest in the Natural Ely Mattress today.

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