Bed Frames Trends In 2020

When it comes to bed frames,you might think it’s all about personal style and taste, but that shouldn’t always be the case. Bed frames, like most other furniture items, come in and out of fashion. Step back thirty years and everyone had giant velvet headboards in dull red colours that would no doubt look out of place in this day and age. At the moment it’s all about grey and silver; big, grey plush beds with silver studs and buttons that we’re quite sure won’t stand the test of time.

If you’re spend savvy like we are, you’ll want to invest in a bed frame that’s going to be timeless, so that even when you replace your mattress or redecorate your bedroom, your bed frame can stay. What’s timeless to you and your style depends entirely on the type of person you are.


To help you, we’ve pulled together some examples of bed frame designs to suit all personalities, in line with current interior design trends. We hope they help.

  1. Vintage, wrought iron bed frames

Vintage wrought iron bed frames can be made to look wonderful in minimalist rooms, where the walls are bare and there is hardly any furniture, but they also look lovely in rooms dressed in an old fashioned style.

Think floral wallpapers, woolly blankets and shabby chic wardrobes.

If you’re not into that, these bed frames look lovely when they’re the only feature. Try plain walls, white bedding, sporadic pictures and neutral coloured carpets or plain wooden floors.

This style also lends itself well to parisian vintage, where everything is that dirty coloured gold you’d imagine in fairytale palaces. Match the colour of the iron on these beds to your taste, because they usually come in gold, silver, black, white, gold and silver.

  1. Minimalist wood

We’ve chosen this style because it looks quirky almost everywhere. If your taste is minimalist, a white duvet set on this simple bed frame will look lovely. A little more complicated? This frame works wonderfully in a bedroom full of books and bric-a-brac. You can dress it romantically, arty, simply or classically.

The bed frame is understated and simple, which means you can decorate it with lovely bedding and surrounding furniture and it will fit in almost everywhere.

  1. Four poster beds

Four poster beds are an acquired taste; you either love them or you hate them. You might think they’re only for grand houses on french mountaintops, but these days four poster beds come in a variety of sizes and colours, and you might find they’re the feature your bedroom needs, especially if there isn’t much room for anything else.

Decorate with plain bedding and big, bold curtains for a modern feel, or drape with lace if you’re looking for something a little more classic.

For something truly unique, you could buy a light coloured four poster bed and have it customised with paint or etchings.

One thing is for certain, if you’re looking for a bed with wow factor, four poster beds are the way to go.

  1. A nod to natural

This one is our favourite, because the frame absolutely lends itself to everything we are about. A simple, classic wood bed frame looks absolutely wonderful when paired with botanical prints, flowers, or printed animals, and all three of those elements are right on trend for bedrooms pretty much all of the time.

Two years ago, Asda’s website Good Living were handing out tips on making turning your home into a botanical paradise, and the trend is very much still alive.

The key here is to choose a bed frame that says a lot by not saying very much at all. Wooden bed frames are understated but fashionable. You can dress them with your personality by positioning them in a room filled with carefully chosen, fashionable items, like these pretty bedspreads or these botanical accessories.

As your taste changes (and as the trend for botanical moves on, you can change the accessories around it, but you’ll have no real reason to change a simple wooden bed frame for a really long time.

  1. Forgo the bed frame for something fashionable

If you’re not a fan of normality, you’re short on space, or you’re looking for something a bit different for your spare bedroom, there are tonnes of strange and wonderful bed frames out there to add a little weird to your bedroom.

Try a floating bed, a bed that’s shaped like a birds nest, a hammock/bean bag bed suspended from the ceiling (as seen on Dragon’s Den!), or a bed that’s not actually a bed but looks like a comfortable place to sleep anyway (there are tonnes of those in the article linked above).

When it comes to comfort, we’d always recommend investing in a good quality mattress, but there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun with your bed frame and accessories. There are lots of designs out there; the one you choose should effortlessly express your personality and the taste you’ve developed across many years. Take inspiration from interior design websites, furniture showrooms and magazines, but take your time deciding, because if you make the correct choice, your bed frame will stay fashionable and true to your taste for years to come.


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