Can I purchase the Ely Mattress safely if I’m allergic to Horse Hair?

People without allergies might be surprised to know that some people are allergic to horse hair. It causes all the same issues other allergies cause, including sneezing, asthma, and severe allergic reactions.

If you have an allergy to horses, you’ll know the feeling all too well. But do you know what it is about horses that makes you allergic? And if you are allergic to horsehair, can you buy an Ely mattress?

What makes horses an allergen?

Horse exposure is not simple for those with allergies. Horses don’t cause allergies to flare up all the time. Most people who are allergic to horses are allergic to their serum albumin. This is a protein found in a horse’s blood. It is also present in their skin cells, or dander.

Horse salvia can contain this protein, too. Those allergic should avoid feeding (or kissing) horses.

When a person who is allergic to horse albumin comes into contact with it, it can trigger the immune system to create antibodies that trigger an allergic response. That’s when you start coughing and sneezing.

You might not know you’re allergic to horses if you have not been near one, but if you are allergic to dogs and cats there is a significant chance you are also allergic to horses. This is because the albumin protein structures in these animals are similar.

Unbelievably, the more you are around horses, the more likely you are to be allergic to them, so don’t kid yourself you can expose yourself to them and your allergy will eventually go away. It will probably get worse.

Worse, you might find if you over expose yourself to horses, you develop an allergy to them. People who work with horses or ride them personally, or those who come into contact with horses through riding clothes, are more likely to have horse allergy symptoms.

Allergies can be so severe that people cannot be anywhere horses spend a lot of time.

Serious signs of horse allergy include:

  • dizziness
  • hives
  • low blood pressure
  • nausea
  • swollen throat and tongue
  • vomiting
  • weak, fast pulse

If you experience any of these symptoms after exposure to horse hair (or any other potential allergen) you should seek immediate medical attention.

If you already know you have this kind of allergy, you will naturally be very concerned about having materials like horse hair close to your skin.

It might surprise you to know that horse hair is used as a natural material in a lot of mattresses, because of its qualities.

Why is horse hair used in mattresses?

Horse hair is used in mattresses because it has a naturally springy quality that makes it comfortable and soft. It is also porous, which means it wicks away moisture. That is really important in a mattress, because we sweat when we sleep. You want your mattress to be breathable because this will stop moisture from settling in the material and growing mould. When that happens, it can ruin your mattress completely.

We use horse hair because it is a great alternative to man-made materials, which are not great when pressed close to your skin. They’re also terrible for the environment, because they don’t break down when disposed of. The natural materials in our mattresses, however, do.

Can I buy an Ely mattress if I am allergic to horse hair?

Technically no. If you’re allergic to horse hair, you shouldn’t be near it, especially not in as close proximity.

Luckily, we’re on hand to help. If you want to buy an Ely mattress, we can replace the horse hair layer with a layer of wool. If you’re allergic to that, we can replace it with cotton instead.

Basically, you can choose to remove any layer and have it replaced with another layer of your choice at no extra cost.

And because our materials are all really responsibly sourced and breathable, as well as naturally fire retardant, you can guarantee you’re still getting the same great mattress.

Simply mention the replacement in the notes section when you’re checking out.

Why should I buy an Ely mattress?

Ely mattresses are made from the highest quality materials and we have an excellent reputation for supplying wonderful, comfortable, long-lasting mattresses to people who want something a little special to sleep on.

Our mattresses are recyclable, which means they won’t clog up landfill when you throw them away. They come with a ten year warranty, which means we’re absolutely sure they’ll last. We also offer a thirty day sleep trial, and the chance to split your payments to ease the load on your wallet.

We’d be thrilled to customise your mattress in the way you need us to in order to give you a good night of sleep. Just leave us a message in the notes when you check out and we’ll make sure your brand new mattress absolutely meets your needs.


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