Chemical Free Mattress – Why does it matter?

Have you considered investing in a chemical free mattress? We spend around a third of our lifetime sleeping in our bed. If you put that into perspective, that is a great deal of time spent on your comfortable mattress. For that reason, it is important to address any safety issues that might occur as a result of your mattress choice. We know what you’re thinking; how unsafe can your mattress be? Well, very. Especially when it comes to chemicals.

The unfortunate reality is that your sanctuary of comfort and support – the place you go to rest your body and mind – might be a danger to your health.

Some mattresses are known to release gaseous chemicals known as volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). They mainly come from polyurethane, which are used in plastics and flame retardants.

When these chemicals are in your mattress, they can go through a process called off-gassing. This is largely an issue with memory foam mattresses, and those made with other synthetics.

But these chemicals, often used as flame retardants, could be potentially harmful to our health. They’re linked in developmental issues, infertility, and cancer.

What happens if I sleep on these chemicals?

If your mattress is off-gassing, you might be breathing in harmful chemicals and toxins that are bad for you. They’re polluting your sleep environment, and making you unsafe.

Mattresses that contain memory foam are particularly harmful. They contain isocyanates, which are compounds that react to produce polyurethane polymers. These compounds of polyurethane foam, spandex fibres, and polyurethane foam are not the types of chemicals you want to breath in. They’re made of raw materials called isocyanates, which come with risks like eye irritation, chest tightness, itchy and sore throat, issues with the nose and skin, and difficulty breathing.

We know you’re probably reading this and questioning if you’ve been sleeping on a mattress with harmful chemicals. You might still be sleeping on one. We understand if you feel a bit anxious. Try not to be; this article isn’t meant to scare you, just to positively influence the type of mattress you buy in the future. But if you’re suffering any of the irritations listed above, it’s probably time to look to buy a new one. You might be surprised by how quickly your health issues resolve.

Your mattress should bring you a feeling of comfort and support, not be detrimental to your health.

What should I do if my mattress contains chemicals

The first thing you should do is check whether your mattress is chemical free. If not – and if you are really eager to change it – we suggest you look for an organic mattress. Organic mattresses are made from natural materials and are free from GMO fibres, synthetic pesticides dyes, and perfumes. They’re a more natural way to comfort yourself.

They’re also naturally fire retardant, wick away moisture, and naturally control your body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

There are other benefits to organic mattresses, including:

  • reducing the risk of sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep
  • reducing your risk of allergic reactions to perfumes, harsh dyes and phthalates
  • lowering fertility problems, SIDS, back pain and developmental problems in children
  • avoiding mould, dust mites and bacteria, without the use of chemicals
  • better comfort
  • supporting organic farming, manufacturing and crops, which is better for the environment
  • reducing your impact on the environment when your mattress goes to landfill.

The Ely Mattress is a Chemical Free mattress

Now you know that your mattress may contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health, you might find it’s time to look for another one. We hope you’ll consider Ely. Our mattresses are made from thirteen layers of natural, organic materials, which means they are comfortable, and better for your health.

Our mattresses are breathable, which means they’ll dry your sweat and reduce the risk of mold. They’re naturally springy, because they’re made from the very best wool and high quality horse hair, which are bouncy. Because they’re natural, they’re easy to recycle, which means they won’t outlive you sitting somewhere in a landfill. There are so many benefits and no cons, except the fact they might cost a little more, but they’re also likely to last much longer, so you’ll get your money’s worth. Plus, we offer you the chance to pay for your purchase on finance, spreading the cost to ease the burden on your wallet.

Ely mattresses come in a variety of sizes, including our Ely cot mattress, which is the perfect healthy sleeping environment for your baby. The last thing you want is a little one sleeping on a whole load of chemicals.

Our mattresses come with a 30 day sleep trial and – we’re so confident in them – a ten year warranty. We’re so dedicated to making the world a better place, we’ll even help you recycle your old mattress for you. We’ll deliver straight to a room you choose, and there’s 0% finance available for your convenience.

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