Cotton Mattress UK – Natural Fibres and Pocket Sprung

Have you considered the benefits of purchasing a cotton mattress? It’s your right to be particular on what you sleep on at night, because your rest and sleep is crucial for many reasons. The average person spends roughly one third of their life in bed. So why shouldn’t and wouldn’t you have the best mattress? If you’re going to invest in anything in your home, this should be it. The benefits of a good mattress are many. Here at Ely we incorporate cotton, natural fibres and pocket sprung techniques into our build to create a blend that will benefit your rest and sleep. Read on to find out how a cotton mattress is better for you.

When it comes to getting the best night of rest, we believe it’s important to choose a natural mattress that benefits you providing both support and comfort. Ely provides luxury, high quality natural mattresses that come with so many great benefits. Our mattresses come with natural fillings that will both support and comfort you. We invest a lot of time into taking what we know about the industry to create a blend that is not only good for you, but benefits the environment.

Cotton mattress for the win

Up until the 1900s, cotton was the number one filling used for mattresses. Since the introduction of foam, many companies are incorporating this alternative, as it is cheaper. So why do Ely use cotton natural fibres? Well, we know that foam is not a natural material, and comes with other complications. We think cotton is a superior material. It holds three major benefits; it’s natural, resilient, and breathable.

Ely resilience and why it’s better

Through tufting the mattress, we decided to compress our cotton pads in order to extend the durability and make them longer lasting. But what does this mean? Well, this technique makes your mattress last longer, so you won’t have to change it every seven to eight years, as recommended.

Equal distribution either side of the mattress means you get double the benefit. Foam – the most popular replacement for cotton – is typically picked because it increases profit margins and drives sales. But it is you who is missing out here. High profit margins become prioritised, and negatively affect the quality of the product.

Ely cotton mattress is breathable

Your body tried to regulate your temperature when you sleep, and you want your mattress to assist with that process.

Overheating whilst you sleep can not only disrupt you, but can also have a detrimental impact on your health.

Cotton, as a natural material, comes without these risks, which is why it’s a great material for your mattress. It’s breathable, which means it allows air to flow through it, and regulates your body temperature. Natural fibres have this ability, because they were created perfect by nature. There’s nothing manmade about them, so they come without the pitfalls and imperfections humans manufacture into existence. That’s the reason it’s used in high quality clothing and bedsheets, too.

If you’re regularly hot when you sleep, cotton is the key ingredient you should look for, as well as other natural materials, like horse hair. Avoid synthetic memory foam type materials, as these absorb heat and retain moisture, leading to an uncomfortable night of sleep.


Cotton is known for its comfort. As well as this, this natural fibre is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic. This makes them perfect for people with sensitivities and allergies.

What are natural fibres?

Natural fibres come in two categories; plant fibres, and animal fibres. When used in a mattress, they significantly upgrade it. Since they’re more breathable than synthetic and foam counterparts, they’re generally more comfortable, and their natural resilience means they’ll likely last longer.

Examples of natural materials in mattresses include cotton, wool, and horse-hair.

You should be careful, though. Many natural fibre mattresses only contain one to three percent natural fibres. Sometimes they are blended with polyester and other cheaper fibre options, so make sure your natural fibre mattress is 100% natural (like ours!).

For more information on natural fibres and how we use them, read about our thirteen layers.

So, what is a pocket sprung mattress?

A pocket sprung mattress contains individual springs packaged in their own fabric casins. The role of each individual spring is to support a person’s weight, and in turn provide a relaxing, comfortable and supported nights sleep. There are basically a tonne more springs, so they move to form comfort and support around the body and its curves. The independent pavement of the individual springs adapt to the body to give you a hug, providing full support.

Ely pocket sprung mattresses are made with 5000 5 Zone VP ActivEdge® perimeter performance pocket springs and nested tablet pocket springs.  These zones allow the heaviest parts of your body to remain in line with the rest of the body throughout the night, lowering your risk of aches and pains. The ActivEdge® provides dynamic edge to edge support, and eliminates the ‘roll-off’ feel you get on a standard mattress to ensure a consistently restful night of sleep every time.

To hear more about the five thousand springs we wrap in natural fibres and how they can transform your sleep, read more about our mattresses here.


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