Does mattress weight matter?

Mattress shopping can be a minefield. So many options, so many choices are now available. So, when you see GSM and mattress weights, you might be sat wondering if this has any correlation to the quality or longevity of the mattress. If you’re going to invest in anything, it needs to be a good mattress. Sleep is vitally important for all of us. Poor sleep is linked to restlessness, anxiety and depression, as well as physical health problems. A good night of sleep is essential, and that starts with your mattress.

When it comes to mattresses, there’s so many to choose from. You can choose based on material, size, heaviness, colour, material, the list is endless. Perhaps you’ll go for whatever is marketed as luxury, convinced bigger, heavier mattresses are better. Maybe you’ll do a bit of research, but everyone is busy and we know you probably don’t have time, so we thought we’d compare the pros and cons of  one element, heavier Vs lighter mattresses, to help you determine what works best for you.

Does weight determine quality?

It’s usually true that heavier mattresses are better quality than lighter mattresses, but that’s not standard ruling. You could fill a mattress with rocks and it would be heavier, but that wouldn’t mean you would get a better night of sleep! The weight is a secondary issue next to the materials that make up the mattress, so don’t work from weight alone. Do your research and find out what makes up the weight you’re feeling, and make sure those materials align with your desires.

The pros of heavier mattresses

Aside from feeling expensive, heavier mattresses move around less on the base, which means they hold their size and shape longer.

The cons of a heavier mattress

They’re difficult to move and can be expensive to ship. If you’re alone, you’ll need help moving it around.

The pros of lighter mattresses

Lighter mattresses are easier to move around and are often less expensive to ship.

The cons of a lighter mattress

Lighter mattresses move around more, which means they can be prone to wear and tear, and might need more frequent repairs.

Mattress materials

Heavier mattresses are usually heavier because they have more layers. More layers tends to equal greater comfort and breathability, but you should also look for mattresses that are non-toxic, and be mindful of ethical training practices and the impact the production of your mattress has on the environment.

Most mattresses have at least a cover, comfort layer, support layer and base. What these four standard layers are made from is extremely important. The more layers, the higher the comfort, as long as those materials are high quality. That doesn’t necessarily mean a thicker mattress, by the way.

Comfort layer materials are usually one of the following:

  • Natural fillings
    • These include horsehair, silk, wool, bamboo and cotton. Natural fillings tend to be fire retardant as standard, breathable, dissipate moisture, hypoallergenic, reactive to temperature, and spring
  • Latex
    • Latex is a natural material taken from trees, but latex mattresses tend to combine this breathable material with springs.
  • Soft white fibres
    • Usually found in budget mattresses, soft white fibres are a mixture of materials used to create a comfort layer.
  • Gel-infused foam
    • Gel-infused foam layers utilise chemicals and tend to be expensive.
  • Memory foam
    • Memory foam is usually made from polyurethane and additional chemicals, added to increase viscosity and density.
  • Polyurethane
    • This material makes a mattress denser and is perfect for heavier people.

Should I buy a heavier mattress?

You should buy a mattress that suits your needs. Look for high quality companies with a good reputation. Warranties are great, because it means a brand has absolute faith that you’ll be satisfied with your product. It’s a good idea, in these environmentally conscious times, to look for mattresses that can be recycled. For this, it’s a good idea to look for natural materials, as well as companies that openly discuss environmental issues and source their materials locally.

We’d recommend mattresses made from natural materials, because they’re hypoallergenic, react well to moisture, adapt to the temperature, and are usually made from non-toxic materials. You’ll sleep on your mattress for thousands of hours. You want to be close to materials that are good for you when you’re spending so much time in close proximity to a surface.

Ely Mattresses

Our mattresses are made from all natural materials and come with a 30 night sleep trial. They’re made from thirteen layers, including horsehair and wool and this means our mattresses weigh more than the standard one-sided mattress. We source our ingredients locally and our mattresses come with a ten-year warranty. Our two-man delivery service will deliver your mattress to your bedroom, so you won’t have to mess around trying to move and install your mattress yourself.

We’re an environmentally conscious company and all of our mattresses are 100% biodegradable. We’ll even recycle your old mattress, which is vitally important, because the USA alone throws away 18.2 million mattresses every single year. In Scotland, the figure is 600,000, that’s 1,600 mattresses a day.

We offer 0% finance, so if you’re looking for a high quality mattress but not sure you can afford one, please get in touch. Despite the luxurious materials we use, we’re surprisingly affordable.




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