Evening Routine Conscious Thoughts Before Bedtime

With the amount of negativity in the news surrounding us about the climate, even the smallest eco-friendly changes to our evening routines can make a huge impact on the environment and our mood.

As humans, we desire routine in our lives. We want to ensure we feel balanced, so we create rituals and habits. This may include taking a night-time stroll for 10 minutes, practising yoga and meditation before bed, or indulging in a cup of tea to soothe your nerves.

Let’s look at the evening routine a little closer – as much as you are winding down your mind and body for a sound night of sleep, are you as equally being eco-conscious with your evening routine?

For an evening routine to truly be mindful, you may want to consider the long-standing effects of your actions on your mind, body and environment. After all, when we care for the earth, we are ultimately caring for ourselves.

Here are some evening routine conscious thoughts to consider before bedtime…

Have you unplugged any unnecessary electrics?

It’s important to think of any way possible to help our environment and surroundings. In order to conserve energy, unplug your chargers that you are not using overnight, speakers, or electrical items which before going to bed. It’s a small gesture that makes a big difference in the long run. Plus, it’ll save you money!


Does your evening meal consist of natural and healthy foods?

Being conscious of what you eat for your evening meal will help with the way you feel inside and out. For the best sleep and to stay eco-conscious try to incorporate organic produce in your meals.

There are even some foods that are said to help you sleep better! According to Reader’s Digest, the foods that will improve the quality of your sleep include, walnuts, almonds, lettuce, rice, tuna, cherries, kale and humous.

Have you done some light exercise today?

After a long day at work, the attraction of simply laying down in front of the TV to give your brain and body a break is a welcoming thought.

But if you can manage it, stave off the urge for at least a little while and take a walk around the block or do a little yoga to wind down instead.

The benefit of this active evening-routine idea is that researchers have shown exercisers tend to snooze better than couch potatoes.

Are you sleeping on an eco-friendly natural mattress?

Many people aren’t aware of how a mattress can affect your sleep. For a perfect evening routine, that is also eco-conscious, you need to invest in a non-toxic mattress.

Yup! That’s right, your mattress can totally be environmentally-friendly which is better for your mind and your body.

Did you know, a non-natural mattress might be the reason you’re not falling asleep at night. The Sleep Councils research revealed that 22% of Britons sleep ‘poorly’ every night, with a further 5% saying they sleep ‘really poorly’! Most people will pin this down to a mattress being too lumpy, too hard or too soft, but it can also be due to the fact that your mattress is made from toxic materials that don’t help your health or your sleep quality.

Not to worry, Ely have got you covered… there are healthier (and more affordable) mattresses out there that use non-toxic materials! Our Ely Mattresses are healthy, trustworthy, and environmentally friendly.  Made from high quality, natural, organic, and non-toxic materials, we are one hundred percent handmade in the UK. In fact, our whole brand ethos is centred around ‘care for the environment’ and therefore we will ethically recycle any old mattresses for you if you purchase our natural mattress.

Ely is combined with 5000 5 Zone VP ActivEdge®Perimeter Performance Pocket Springs and Nested Tablet Pocket Springs.  Different zones allow the heaviest parts of your body to remain in line with the rest of the body throughout the night.  The ActivEdge® provides dynamic edge to edge support and eliminates the ‘roll-off’ feel you get on a standard mattress ensuring a consistent, restful sleep every night.

What more can you possibly want from a natural mattress?

Are you consuming too much blue light?

We know—it’s not essentially helpful for the earth but decreasing night-time screen-time is proven to help your sleep cycle. Cutting back on social media is probably even good for your mind before bed. You want to sleep with positive and happy thoughts and social media isn’t always the place to seek that. Consuming too much blue light in the evenings not only distracts your brain and keeps the wheels in motion, but it’s also been proven to suppress the creation of melatonin, which in turn disrupts your sleep patterns. This lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of issues.

Maybe think about limiting your screen time to just a couple of hours in the evening, and instead ensure you get more fresh air and sunshine during the day.  If you must use the screen in bed, then consider switching on some screen filters to cut the blue light from your devices in the evening.

Is your evening aromatherapy eco-friendly?

Many of us love to light a scented candle or two during the evening to set the mood for relaxation.  Aromatherapy can alter your mood according to the scent. You can use all sorts of candles, essential oils, and incense to invigorate, find some zen, set the mood, heal a cold, and much more. However, for a truly eco-friendly evening routine, it is vital to consider the quality of your aromatherapy products.

Candles are a great way to make your evening extra-cosy, but some perfumed candles are harsh on the environment. Some scented candles are made with paraffins, and when burned, produce harmful greenhouse gases and carcinogens into the air.

Instead, you can make an eco-friendly evening routine decision by buying candles made from beeswax, soy, coconut, or hemp. Beeswax candles work to help cleanse the air, so it’s a favourite of ours!

For your handmade, made to order, own eco-friendly non-toxic mattress by Ely, visit our shop here.

What tips have you got for the perfect eco-conscious evening routine? Share your tips with us on social media by tagging us with @ElyMattress and #ChooseElyMattress

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