Here’s what our customers say about the Ely Mattress in 2020

We’ve had a good year so far in 2020, we faced the challenging times head on and we’ve seen that people are looking for a healthier and natural option when it comes to mattresses – Our natural mattress is being bought by many eco-conscious buyers this year – We’ve create a product that is healthy for the body and healthy for the environment.

We get feedback and reviews on the Ely Mattress from time to time, so we thought we’d gather a few favourites for you to take a look at, in the hope it helps you make up your mind about buying a Ely natural mattress online.

Good communication, and very helpful. Absolutely love my Ely Mattress, I bought the king size in medium-firm, just the perfect comfort for me. Lovely quality and really deep. I wanted to buy a natural UK made mattress and I’m not disappointed at all. Now slept on it for 6 nights without any complaints. Thanks Ely, so glad I came across your website. Anonymous

I’m so happy to say it was worth every penny, I had a bit of a bad back prior to buying it (which is why I wanted a new mattress) and within 2 nights it was better. And on top of that it’s sustainable, English made and from a small company which was really important to me. Thank you Ely and Adam, I hope you weather this storm well. Emily

Amazing! I had just had a c section and the memory foam mattress that came in a box was awful for my pains. My recovery was made so much easier with the Ely mattress. 5 months post partum and I have no back pains or anything. As a new parent, the little sleep I do get is extremely comfortable. I recommend this mattress to all of my friends and family! Saima

A natural sustainable mattress that actually feels like a cloud. I’m one happy shopper and sleeper now. Thank you Ely. Jess

Have you bought our Ely Mattress recently and got a review to add?

Let us know any feedback you have about our mattresses – honestly, we’d love to know!


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