Horse Hair Mattress: The benefits of using horse hair in our natural mattress

Horse hair has been a staple ingredient in textiles for a really long time. In the old days especially, it was incorporated in luxury mattresses, until the human capacity to make manufactured materials meant it was cheaper to use unnatural stuff instead.

But horse hair was generally used for the rich and royal back in the day, and it’s making a comeback. It’s still classed as a luxury product today, but is thankfully a lot more cost effective.

Horse hair is a luxury product because it has many benefits, particularly when it comes to comfort and support. It’s included in many of the best upholstery fibres available on the market, and is classed as a premium filling. Here’s why.


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It’s soft

Have you ever stroked a horse? They’re silky smooth. Horse hair is often used in mattresses and other soft furnishings because it’s a naturally soft material, and there’s something special about the natural treasures the Earth has to offer.

But not only is horsehair soft, it’s also strong. That’s important, because you want your mattress to last a long time. It also contours to the body because it is flexible, usually because it is teased – sometimes by hand – to form a miniature spring.

So it’s strong, it moves, and it’s soft. Three big ticks.

It’s naturally hypoallergenic

Are you sensitive to allergens? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that horse hair has hypoallergenic properties. What does that mean? Well, not only is horse hair put through a process to sterilise it and remove bacteria before it is used, but the structure of it aids in the ability to repel mites, which means it’s less dusty, and therefore will not trigger your allergies.

It wicks away moisture

Horses spend a lot of their time outside. If they absorbed water, it would be very bad for them. Their hair, like the hair of many outdoor mammals, has evolved to wick away moisture, which is great for you. When you sleep, you sweat. If you lay in theat sweat, it isn’t good for you. It will disturb your sleep, and could start to smell. It can also attract bacteria, and stain your mattress. Materials that wick away moisture stop the formation of mould, which is damaging to mattresses, so material like horse hair can actually increase the lifespan of your mattress.

It does this by being hollow enough to allow air to flow freely, which dries the surface quicker.

Horsehair is durable

We sort of mentioned this above, but it deserves it’s own point. Because of its properties, horse hair’s durability means it not only lasts a long time, but it also stays comfortable. It doesn’t flatten like synthetic fabrics do, which means the horse hair in our mattresses helps our mattresses stay bouncy and comfortable.

Horse hair doesn’t have to be expensive

You might think mattresses made from natural materials like horse hair are expensive, but this depends on the way you look at it. It’s true, there can be a cost associated with buying natural materials in any form, usually because it’s more expensive to procure them. However, they tend to be better quality, and therefore last longer.

They’re still achievable for you, if you shop in the right places. Ely Mattresses uses DivideBuy to split payment for our mattresses, so that everyone can afford the investment in a mattress that comes with a ten year warranty.

It’s biodegradable

Do you have any idea how many mattresses end up in landfill every year? A lot. Mattresses made from natural materials are biodegradable, which means they’ll break down quickly and won’t damage the environment.

The process of extracting and using materials like horse hair is also more environmentally beneficial than creating man made fibres. With carbon emissions a huge cause for concern at the moment, we should all be prioritising a switch towards the use of natural products.

Other amazing natural materials

Horse hair isn’t the only incredible natural material used in our mattresses. Every one of our thirteen layers has been carefully selected for its incredible properties.

For example, we use wool because it adapts to the temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We also use cotton, which used to be a common mattress filler until the industrial revolution. Like horse hair, cotton is resilient and breathable, which means it allows air to flow around your mattress, which is important for keeping your mattress well-aired and smell free.

For more information about our thirteen layers, you can visit our dedicated webpage. To browse our mattresses, which includes our Ely baby mattress, visit our online store.

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