How does Ely Mattress recycle old mattresses?

Did you know that every single mattress you have ever had will outlive you? It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? But somewhere out there, every mattress you ever slept on is sitting out there somewhere rotting away. This is because mattresses only last around ten years, but they can take as long as one hundred years to break down. This means even the mattress you slept on when you were a child is likely to still exist when you’re old and grey.

When you take the population of the world into consideration, that is a hell of a lot of mattresses. In fact, so many mattresses were thrown into landfill in Scotland in 2017, if you stacked them on top of each other it would be 112 higher than Ben Nevis. That is a lot of mattresses!

So it is really important for the good of the environment that we recycle mattresses as best we can. Ely contributes to the recycling of mattresses in two ways.

By recycling your old mattress

If you’re buying a new mattress, it is highly likely you have an old mattress to get rid of. It would only be right of you to look for the best way to get rid of that mattress without damaging the environment.

Luckily, we can help. Unlike companies who take away your mattress to make space for your new one but don’t recycle it, we here at Ely are partners of the Furniture Recycling Group.

That means we are fully committed to making sure we’re not contributing to the world’s mattress waste problem.

Perhaps you think it can’t be possible to recycle all elements of your mattress, because parts of it might be unrecyclable. Well, the Furniture Recycling Group are the experts, and they say they can divert 100% of all mattresses they are called to recycle away from landfill.

They do this by recycling what they can, and repurposing the rest. The Furniture Recycling Group works with UK businesses and local authorities to keep your old mattress out of landfill. They’ll strip your mattress of its materials and components for use elsewhere, creating what they call a ‘circular economy’ for mattresses.

They now work with businesses, local authorities and hotel chains to save mattresses from landfill sites.

All of our mattresses are made from recyclable materials

Ely mattress wanted to make things easier for companies The Furniture Recycling Group by making our mattresses out of recyclable materials in the first case. Ely mattresses are made from materials that can be recycled. Our thirteen layers were chosen not just because they’re comfortable and breathable, but because they don’t damage the environment.

  • Wool: we use wool in our mattresses because it is resilient – which means it will last a long time – and breathable, which means it wicks away moisture. This means that when you sweat, the liquid is not going to stay in the material, which keeps you cool and has the added benefit of preventing the growth of mould and trapping of dust. Because wool is a natural material, it is also biodegradable, which means it can be recycled.
  • Horse hair: we chose horse hair for our mattresses because it’s springy and comfortable. It’s also naturally fire retardant and hypoallergenic. Like wool, horse hair is a natural material, and therefore recyclable.
  • Cotton: cotton used to be the most popular mattress filling, but was overtaken by manmade materials when they became cheaper and quicker to produce. Cotton has three benefits – it’s resilient, natural, and can breathe. Aside from that, it can be recycled.

We considered what materials we would use very carefully because we wanted to make sure we were giving our customers the very best in quality, all whilst taking care of the planet.

How does Ely mattress recycle mattresses?

When you order from Ely mattresses, we’ll deliver your fully recyclable mattress to your door. Our two man team will deliver your mattress to a room of your choice, and then take away your old mattress to be recycled through The Furniture Recycling Group. You don’t have to do anything, and you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that your old mattress isn’t clogging up landfill, and your new mattress is safe, comfortable, and high quality.

Ely sells mattresses in a variety of sizes, including our Ely baby sized mattress. All of our mattresses are one hundred percent recyclable, naturally fire retardant, and the very best quality.

They come with the choice to split finance over a period that is more manageable, and with a ten year warranty. We’re so convinced you’ll love it, we also offer a thirty day sleep trial.

We can complete your new setup with one of our all natural mattress protectors, to keep your new purchase safe from stains and damage.

So, what are you waiting for? Your best night’s sleep ever awaits!

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