How sleep strengthens your immune system

With the global pandemic coronavirus affecting so many at a rapid rate, the immune system is on everyone’s minds and how to protect ourselves by improving our immune system.

It is vital that we aim to keep our bodies and minds as healthy as possible during this time. To keep ourselves healthy, we need to up our hygiene game, keep active daily, hydrate and eat nutritious meals. However, have you considered your sleeping habits and how they may affect your immune system? We look at the science behind sleep and the relation of it to the human immune system from evidence that is readily available.

Experts recommend getting enough sleep, but also good quality sleep to keep us healthy and whole. We already know that we need around seven/eight ours of sleep each night. However, it’s easier to know this, and harder to practice in todays’ world where we are juggling so many tasks each day that we try to squeeze in a little more work and sacrifice our sleep.

What studies have been done to show sleep boosts the immune system?

Studies have shown that being sleep deprived is like drinking too much when it comes to its effects on the brain.

Research into sleep also indicates that poor sleep raises pain sensitivity and may elevate the likelihood of developing cardiovascular problems.

More recently, a study conducted by a team from the University of Tübingen in Germany has discovered a mechanism connecting sleep to the working of the immune system.

The researchers who conducted this study found that a good night’s sleep can boost the efficacy of certain particular immune cells called T cells.

In the study paper — available in the Journal of Experimental Medicine — the scientists explain what lies at the core of this relationship between sleep and the body’s defences against infection.

Sleep really does boost your immune system

Sleep deliver the body time to rest and repair its cells which is why it is vital to boost your immune system. When you are sleep deprived, you may also find you feel unwell. Getting enough quality sleep is vital to give your body the chance to recover from any illnesses. Research has found that sleep strengthens the proteins and cells of your immune system to identify and obliterate bugs and germs – it also helps our bodies remember them, so we can fight them off even quicker in the future. Therefore, it is evident that sleeps boosts your body’s immune response, so it’s vital we get the proper amount of sleep during this time.

Sleep also improves heart health

There has been research into the connection between sleep and heart health. Such health Studies indicate that less sleep can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.  Again, sleep is proven to be a vital part of our everyday lives.

Getting enough sleep consistently

Consistent quality sleep every night is important. However, if you’re really battling to get to sleep every night, or think you suffer from insomnia, then you must speak to a medical practitioner for advice. Routine is key in getting the number of hours necessary for good function.

Invest in a healthy mattress

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Wool has several properties beneficial to health, including the ability to dissipate moisture and regulate body temperature, both important if you’re looking for a night of health-healing sleep. Wool is also naturally hypoallergenic, so if you suffer from allergies, it’s a safe choice. Looking for a safe and comfortable sleep? Shop the Ely mattress today.

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