How to stay cool at night this Summer

As the days are getting warmer, sleep at night is often harder to get due to the humid and warm conditions during the night.

We all love a good heatwave in daylight hours: the delicious picnics in the park, long drawn-out days outside, going to the beach, barbecues in the garden and time with our precious ones. However, those nights can also be relentless to deal with during the hot summer months.

We’ve all experienced the feeling: tossing and turning all night, struggling to sleep because the sweat from our bodies is keeping us uncomfortable in bed.

Keeping cool at night during the Summer is attainable with some tips we’ve been looking into.

Before we give you our top tips to keep cool at night in the Summer months, we realise the most popular solution for cooler, calmer, and REM-induced sleep is an air conditioner: These modern gadgets can keep a bedroom at the ideal sleep temperature (roughly between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit), plus provide some white noise to drift off to as well. But even tiny units use up loads of energy and build up monthly electric bills. So, what’s an environmentally conscious, budget-mindful sleeper to do?

Here are some tips to stay cool at night this summer:

Use Cotton Sheets on your Bed during the Summer

Bed sheets made of cotton material are more breathable than their polyester alternatives and make the summer nights cooler, as well as giving you the security and comfort of being covered. Light-coloured bedsheets made of lightweight cotton are breathable and brilliant for encouraging ventilation and airflow in the bedroom.

Try a Frozen Pillow for short-term relief

Did you know you can put your pillow in the freezer to cool it down in time for bed time. This nifty hack for keeping cool in the summer gives a pleasing effect when laying down to sleep in a warm bedroom. If you are going to try this tip then do put your pillow in a plastic wrap first, before putting in the freezer to avoid it getting wet. Although it is short term relief from the heat, it will help you drift off easier in the heat.

Limit How Much Alcohol you Consume

Many people love a tipple or two during the summer days, especially when we are socialising outdoors to keep cool. However, it is a known fact that alcohol dehydrates you, which will in turn raise your body temperature. So, while a cool glass of prosecco may be nice in the sun, it actually affects your sleeping conditions.

Buy an Electric Fan

An electric fan can keep your room cooler and provide white noise to boot. The noise can be a blissful way to help you nod off, the cool air will lower your body temperature.

Cuddling can make you warm too!

If you like cuddling your partner at night, then in the summer months, you’ll want to keep some distance to keep your body temperature lower. The extra body temperature can affect the quality of your sleep and may even make falling asleep harder in the heat.

Cooling your pressure points

Are you feeling really hot at night to the point where you are wanting instant relief? To cool down fast, apply ice packs or cold compresses to pulse points at the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees. Also keeping feet cooler is a clever way to keep the rest of your body feeling cool. Feet are extra sensitive to temperature because there are lots of pulse points in the feet and ankles. Cool down the whole body by soaking the feet in cold water before laying down to rest.

Take a Cold Shower

Rinse off the sweat of the day and feel fresh for your night time snooze by taking a cold shower before hitting the hay.

Turn your electrical equipment off

Most electrical appliances will produce some heat. Switching all of your electrics off in your bedroom by the plug will make a slight difference in the room temperature at night.

Buy a mattress that helps regulate body temperature this Summer

If you are looking for a cool mattress for your spare bed, why not look at the Ely Mattress. Not only do we use all natural materials to make the Ely mattress, but the ingredients used help to regulate body temperature, hence making those relentless summer nights more bearable.  

So, this summer, use our tips to enjoy the heat during the day, but don’t compromise on your sleep.

If you have any more cooling-down tips on how to stay cool during the summer nights, tell us over on Twitter. @ElyMattress


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