How to style your bed like a pro

So, we all want to be able to dress and style our bed, not only to make it not only look good, but to make it feel good. Sometimes, however, life gets in the way, and we don’t all have time to style our beds like a pro. If you have to rush around in the morning to get to work or get the kids ready, making and styling our beds can be the last thing on our mind. Bed styling is likely the bottom of the priority list.

On the other hand, how much better does it feel to know you’ve done it, and climbing into an attractive bed at night time feels great.

We’ve pulled together a list of tips to help you make your bed like a professional. This is the next step in awesome bed making, so be prepared.

There are many ways to style your bed like a professional and it’s not just about making your bed. It is so much more than that. It helps to view your bed like a canvas, awaiting the artist to paint a pretty picture.

So, let’s get down to it! Here are our tips to style your bed like a pro. And by pro, we mean Instagram ready.

The reversible duvet cover

A huge trend at the moment is the reversible duvet cover, with different designs on either side. This helps you to mix things up and change them daily, or position a fold at the top of the duvet to mix and match your style day-by-day.

Depending on which duvet cover you have chosen, you might even get two colour themes from one look, which means you can redress your room with accessories for a totally different vibe.

The bedspread

The bed is centre stage, and is likely the focus point of your room, and the bedspread that sits on it sets the tone for the rest of decor. So styling it with a good quality bedspread is really important.

And pros don’t have just one bedspread, they have a number of different bedspreads, often in line with the seasons.

If the rest of your room is relatively neutral you can change your bedspread completely to incorporate a different colour or pattern. If it’s not, go for three or four bedspreads with the same key colour, but a different pattern or theme.


Decorative pillows are a running joke in lots of different movies. Lots of men don’t see the point of them, and lots of women know their value and want lots of them. We can see why. Decorative pillows look great when positioned properly on a bed.

How many decorative pillows you use depends on your personal style, but it’s a good idea to start with big pillows at the back and work your way down to smaller ones, and use a mixture of patterns and textures to finish the look. Use plain pillows and jazzier ones to mix up the look.

We recommend three decorative pillows for a single bed and no more than six for a king size.

Currently, it is trendy to arrange these in a non-uniformed way. If you are changing your bedspread as advised above, collect decorative cushion covers to swap out your style seasonally.

Reverse styling

Reverse styling is in fashion at the moment. Instead of putting your cushions at the front and your pillows standing tall at the back, do the reverse, and sit your cushions at the back and pillows at the front. You can alternate this, for a different look every day.

Simple but inviting

Your bed dominates the space in your room and is a huge focal point. If you would rather this wasn’t the case, opt for a softer tone and shade to reduce its dominance. Simple linen with a complementing duvet cover and cushions will keep it looking fresh and casual, and this is very on-trend at the moment.

Don’t over style. This is the best way to ruin the look and feel of your bed. Keep everything simple and casual. If you think something is too much, it probably is.

Less is more!

Final thoughts

These tops should bring added style to your bed without removing comfort and offer fresh focus to your main centrepiece.

But none of these will add comfort. If you really want to improve your bedroom and the way you sleep, we suggest you purchase a new mattress.

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