Is your mattress making you feel grumpy?

Do you find that you wake up in a grumpy mood more times than in a happy one? Research into sleep analysis has proven that insufficient sleep can make people grumpy.

We think, having the right bedding is important for a good night’s sleep. This includes having a supportive pillow, a natural mattress that contours to your body, and temperature of the room, can impact your health and well-being.

There will be times when you’ve woken up not getting enough sleep, and you’ll find it hard to focus the next day. Lack of sleep can also damage your judgement and influence your physical coordination. This shows poor sleep not only affects how you feel and think but it also affects how you interact with others.

Investing in a good mattress

Mattresses are especially important in giving you a sound night of sleep. You should look at a mattress as a long-term investment, and that is why doing the vital research before purchasing is important. What makes a good mattress? How can you avoid buying a toxic mattress?

Over the years a mattress tends to lose its functionality, it may sag, get dirty or the springs may begin to squeak.  Changing your mattress every seven years is best practice, but at the very least, changing it every 10 years is recommended. Think about it now – How long have you had your mattress? If it’s over seven years, do you believe it is giving you the best night sleep possible?

Here are some reasons why your mattress might be making you grumpy:

The mattress was cheap and not made to last

Everyone loves a bargain, but if you try to save your pennies on a mattress purchase, then the only thing you could end up with is lack of sleep and bad sleep posture. You spend around a third of your life in bed, so it’s hugely important to make sure it’s good quality. However, be mindful that the most expensive mattress may not be right for you, which is why doing your research about what makes a great mattress is vital. You want a mattress that has good support, is naturally made, allows your body to regulate temperature easily and will stand the test of time. Find a brand you feel is right for you and invest as much as you can spare which will then save you from sleepless nights.

The mattress didn’t come with a free trial

You may be feeling grumpy after you have purchased a mattress, as you might be told by their customer service that you cannot return it, if you are not pleased with it. It’s not the same trying out a mattress for a few minutes in a mattress showroom is it?

You really need to test the mattress out over the space of weeks, to see whether you and the mattress are compatible. Ely offer a 30-night sleep trial so that you can make sure that we are the perfect mattress for you.

It takes around 30 nights to get used to the feel of a different mattress, so knowing you have the peace of mind to return within that time, is a bonus!

It’s a mattress in a box problem…

As we move into a world of convenience, there has been a rise of the “mattress in a box” theme with some major bed brands, jumping on the bandwagon. Ely investigated this and realised how the whole concept, although it is good in theory, is not as practical as it appears.

A bed-in-a-box, which is usually foam, is compressed and rolled or folded (or both) before posting or delivering to the customer. Sure, it made the whole buying a mattress on the internet easier for these companies to ship their products across the UK, but it makes you wonder though, how can a mattress that is supposed to endure the test of time for the next seven to ten years of your life, be so malleable that it fits into a box that is about 1/8th of its actual size? Maybe it’s an accomplishment of intellectual engineering, but maybe it’s not best practice in the long run…

We believe: If a mattress can be compressed and contorted before it is delivered to you, then will almost definitely compress and contort its original shape as you use it. Convenience has a price. It’s often better to invest a little more for the right reasons.

The mattress makes you sink in the middle

The memory foam mattress has been a favourite of some over the past few years, but people are soon realising the cons of the memory foam only mattress. Yes, originally, they felt comfortable, they absorbed any movement, they didn’t make a sound. But in the past, pure memory foam was also made so that your body felt like it was sinking in the middle – not to mention the poor ventilation which caused your body to overheat… The thick foam would embrace and trap body heat, leaving sleepers feeling too hot in bed for all the wrong reasons. Plus, sinking into soft foam may feel good to begin with, but this will affect your joints over time.

Your mattress is making you grumpy because… You’re yet to purchase your first Ely mattress!

You’re probably thinking, we’re bound to say our mattress is the bee’s knees! But we really HAVE done the industry research on what makes a fantastic mattress that stands the test of time and created something we feel will give you the best sleep every night. The Ely Mattress is a Natural Mattress containing a star ingredient: 5000 Five Zoned Pocket Springs that contour to your body perfectly.

And, we offer a 30-night trial, and a 10-year manufacturer warranty, so you’ve got plenty of time to sleep on it before you make up your mind!

No need to grumpy any longer. Find out more about our natural mattress here.





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