Learn the history of the pocket spring

At the heart of a high quality mattress, pocket springs are found. These tiny, ingenious devices are a fundamental component that holds so much importance, and should be recognised and understood.

In this article, we’ll delve into the heart of what a pocket spring is, and how it helps give you a comfortable night of sleep.

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Pocket springs are best described as individual wire springs encased in a fabric or material. They’re often stitched together in the more luxurious models, or glued together for cheaper builds, to create a combined and connected unit composed of individual pocket springs.

The purpose of pocket springs

These individual springs enable the person sleeping on the mattress to be independently supported by each pocket spring. The pocket spring provides unrivalled support in comparison to its continuous coil competition.

Continuous coils are rows of coils formed by a single piece of wire. These are not as flexible as pocket springs.

Pocket springs react to weight and posture in a much more flexible way, and can contour to the body without the whole mattress responding. This in turn assists with enhanced support, and stops the disruption of sleeping partners.

If premium pocket spring coils are included the manufacturer will tell you!

Many companies advertise their mattresses as orthopaedic, bonnell coils, continuous coils, miracoil, or opencoil, all of which are cage sprung systems, and are usually a cheaper solution.

If you are looking for a high quality mattress, paying attention to how the springs are being advertised is a really good way of doing this, as pocket spring mattresses are far superior, and will be advertised as such.

Pocket spring history

Over 100 years ago, in 1899, the first pocket spring mattress was invented by a man named James Marshall, an English engineer and machinist who – in an era of continuous spring and open coil mattresses – introduced something ground-breaking for the industry. It was presented as the ‘Marshall Coil’. Many companies adopted the change to improve the comfortability of their products.

In the early 1900s, the Marshall Coil became a worldwide standard for mattress construction, as well as upholstery seating. Later in the timeline – in 1914 – consumers from all over the world benefited from this design, and the legacy of this invention extended. Because of spirited innovation, this led to advancements in the quality and standards of mattress design, and we use those advanced methods of quality mattress design to this day.

Why pocket springs are so popular

When you purchase a mattress with pocket springs, you’re receiving an improvement on previous continuous methods. You’re upgrading. You’re purchasing high quality and innovation.

With the adaptation of the pocket springs over the years, and spreading globally, there are still several things you need to understand about pocket springs, and why they are superior in today’s competitive market.

High spring count is important

Not all pocket spring mattresses were created equal. The higher the pocket spring count, the better the quality of the mattress. This is because the more pocket springs it contains, the more support your mattress will offer.

Pocket sprung mattresses with a high spring count are not only more comfortable, but longer lasting. There is less chance it will sag and suffer over time, particularly when compared to foam mattresses.

If you do have a pocket sprung mattress, flip it regularly to extend its life further.

The Ely pocket sprung mattresses contain 5000 5 Zone VP ActivEdge®Perimeter Performance Pocket Springs and Nested Tablet Pocket Springs.  Different zones allow the heaviest parts of your body to remain in line with the rest of the body throughout the night, which helps with posture and prevents pain that sometimes comes with sleeping on a mattress that does not offer you full support.

The ActivEdge® provides dynamic edge to edge support, and eliminates the ‘roll-off’ feel you get on a standard mattress, ensuring a consistently restful sleep every night.

Multiple natural layers work collectively to adapt to your body, dissipate moisture, regulate temperature and, most importantly, eradicate breathing in harmful chemicals for a third of your life. The soft woollen tufts help keep the fillings inside secure, as we don’t use any glue. This improves the durability of your mattress.

Cutting edge technology enables us to get the highest spring counts achievable, to ensure the absolute best quality when it comes to comfort.

Support with pocket springs

Pocket springs can offer a huge amount of support. As the number of pocket springs incorporated increases, the mattress becomes firmer. This allows the weight and distribution to be over a higher number of springs, which aids weight distribution and comfort. Understanding this information allows you to select the level of firmness you desire.

Here at Ely, we considered this information, and offer two different levels of firmness; soft-medium and medium-firm.


Since their induction, pocket springs have delivered luxury to the mattress industry.  Although personal preference is to be taken into consideration here, we believe there is no better feeling than a pocket sprung mattress of the correct firmness, especially when incorporated with natural fibres and materials, and all packed into one final product to aid a healthy night of sleep.

Ready to buy?

We’d love for you to buy an Ely mattress. We’ll be there to support your purchase every step of the way, by offering a free 30 night sleep trial, and the chance to purchase your mattress on an interest free finance agreement.

You can browse our products here.

For more information on our thirteen layers of Ely goodness, visit our designated page.

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