Looking for a Non-Toxic Mattress: Top 5 things to Consider

As specialists in natural and non-toxic mattresses, Ely Mattress know a thing of two about making organic mattresses that will give you a healthy and restful sleep. We’ve been making mattresses for more than forty years, so we’ve studied the technology behind what makes for a great mattress.

We have written this mattress buying guide to make finding a natural mattress easier and to to help you avoid getting puzzled when it comes to selecting the right mattress for your lifestyle and health.

Here are the top 5 things you should know before buying a natural mattress.

5 Tips for Choosing a Natural Comfortable Mattress:


1)      Avoid mattresses in a box

Squeezing the life out of our mattress by putting it in a box isn’t our thing and it shouldn’t be yours either.  We let ours breathe and ensure its life is maximised by keeping it whole. We recommend you avoid roll-up mattresses for numerous reasons. One is that it may come with a slight smell when first unpacked for two possible reasons:

  • synthetic fillings such as memory foam give off a slight smell initially
  • a fire-retardant substance is used to meet regulations and ensure a safer mattress

As you can imagine, these smells can build up within a vacuum-sealed bag. Other than ease of delivery, why else would you want a mattress in a box?

Mostly, you will find that memory foam mattresses are rolled up into a box, which are often made of man-made chemicals. This is not the case with Ely Mattresses – We use natural and non-toxic material because we care about our consumer’s health. Don’t worry about getting it from A to B – we’ll sort that for you.

We have still managed to incorporate the body contouring feature that memory-foam mattresses boast, so Ely Mattress will not only give you the healthy alternative, but we also promise our mattresses provide the comfort your body needs.

Ely Mattress will unpack the mattress and place it on your bed in a room of your choice for free too!

2)      Choose Organic Fabrics when buying a mattress

Go Organic! When buying a mattress, look for unbleached organic cotton with organic fill and organic dyes to avoid harsh chemically treated fabrics which are not good for your health. Up until the 90s, Cotton was the number one filling used for mattresses.  Unfortunately, since then many companies are using foam as its cheap and its ability to break down quickly, however it’s not natural at all. Cotton has three major benefits: resilience, being natural and the capability to breathe.

Ely Mattresses are certified natural all the way through from top, fill and back.

3)      Choose Pocket Sprung Mattresses if you want ultimate comfort

There are two prevalent types of spring mattresses offered on the market: open coil and pocket sprung. Unlike an open coil mattress, a pocket sprung one uses separate springs instead of coils to form a consistent unit. Pocket sprung is the advanced version of the early open-spring mattresses as it uses detached springs in supporting the sleeper’s body.

The springs function separately from each other, making a pocket sprung mattress a healthier option for motion separation than its open-spring counterpart. The coils are designed to keep pressure within affected coils, stopping other parts of the mattress from sinking as you shift from one corner to another.


4)      Find a mattress company that offers a warranty and trial period

Mattress shopping isn’t like clothes shopping – you can’t try them out in the shop to see if they fit. But you will still want to ensure that the mattress you buy is right for you, even when it is in your home. A company that believes in their product will give consumers peace of mind, that they have a trial period and a no-fuss warranty.

Because Ely Mattress is designed to last, it come with a no hassle 10-year warranty.  If the material or manufacturing defect occurs during the ten years, Ely mattress will replace or repair the faulty mattress.

We also offer free 30 nights experience. If for any reason, you are not in love with Ely as much as we are then you simply get in touch for us to pick it up hassle free.

5)      What material do they use for the Batting?

Batting is soft stuffing that covers springs inside the mattress.

Organic Cotton or Wool is the most common form of batting you’ll find while shopping for a natural or healthy mattress. These fibres soften the surface.

Wool is a natural fire retardant therefore our organic mattress passes the fire barrier tests. Fortunately, wool is difficult to burn and is naturally a fire retardant due to its water and nitrogen content which ensures we don’t need to use any harmful chemicals to treat the layer. To be on the safe side our mattresses are fire tested and they comply to the low hazard standard BS7177-2008’.

For the ultimate non-toxic, natural and healthy mattress, shop the Ely Mattress range.



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