Mattress GSM: How does the Ely Mattress weigh up?

Ever spent time mattress shopping online and seen the word GSM on product pages but unsure of what it means? A mattresses’ GSM is a measurement used to describe how thick the fabric or upholstery is that the mattress is made from. Generally speaking, the higher the GSM, the denser the filling, which means that the mattress will be thicker, fuller, and more supportive – and often more comfortable.

The majority of mattress manufacturers won’t display the GSM because as a consumer, armed with this knowledge, you’ll question why they are charging what they do. Two mattresses that cost the same price and contain the same fillings will still be different depending on the GSM of the materials used inside the mattress. This means one may weigh more than the other, because they use double the filling of the other.

Ely Mattress are here to educate you about mattress GSM and arm you with the knowledge to decipher a good mattress to an even better mattress.

What does GSM for mattresses stand for?

GSM stands for ‘Grams per square metre’ in upholstery terms. It describes the genuine weight of a specific upholstery element used within the mattress. It is a number used by all mattress manufacturers when buying materials for the mattress and used as a foundation to determine the value of a particular mattress. It refers to the weight of a square metre of material and can be applied to any type of material, such as wool, cotton, horsehair, polyester etc to decipher how dense it is. Mattress fillings measurement therefore is calculated using GSM (grams per square meter and is shown using a number from 50gsm and above. The larger the GSM in number, the denser the fabric or material the mattress is filled with.

A mattresses GSM can determine the quality of mattress your are buying

With knowledge of the GSM from a mattress manufacturer, a consumer can easily make direct comparisons between mattress products that seem similar. To make a true comparison of two mattresses side-by-side, the GSM will be a handy element in deciding which one to purchase. As an example of GSM for a popular material used to fill mattress, we look at wool. Wool can come in various weights from 30 0GSM, 600 GSM, 1200 GSM etc. If you were to find two mattresses with identical materials in filling but the GSM information is absent, then you cannot possibly know which of them is better quality. If one of them uses 300 GSM in comparison to one that uses 1200 GSM but priced the exact same, then you will quickly understand which one is inferior.

Therefore we think knowing a mattresses’ GSM is actually vital in making a decision to buy a mattress.

Ely Mattress GSM breakdown:

We want to empower buyers with knowledge so we will proudly display our GSM for you to make an informed decision when buying your natural Ely mattress. Not one to cut corners, our mattresses have double the filling of standard mattresses, and boast the following GSM:

2800 – Dorset Lay Wool

2000 – Cotton

1800 – Horsehair

Total – 6600 GSM

Pocket Springs:

1000 – 5 Zone ActivEdge pocket springs

4000 – Tablet pocket springs

Total – 5000 pocket springs

Ely Mattress: A luxury mattress at a fraction of the price?

You’re probably wondering, how the Ely Mattress can have such a high GSM and charge such a competitive rate for their natural mattresses, right?

We’ve done the research – our competitors who have a similar GSM to the natural Ely Mattress charge almost double of what we are doing. So why is the Ely Mattress a price-friendly alternative?

Well, first of all, we want a comfortable and luxurious sleep to be accessible for all. We care about the quality of sleep our consumers receive, and so we will always fill our mattresses with 100% natural ingredients and ensure that we use double the filling, so they are flippable and extra comfortable.

Secondly, the Ely Mattress brand holds a unique position in the market. We do not rely on third-party mattress manufacturers to make our branded mattresses – in fact we are a mattress manufacturer making mattresses for other brands so really know the business of mattress making thoroughly. Cutting out the middle-men means we pass the huge margins we could have made on to our valued customers.

Buy a quality mattress – The Ely Natural Mattress

We encourage you all to research the mattress you are looking to buy before making a final decision. Ask the mattress manufacturer or reseller what the mattress GSM is before making a purchase.

Buy the Ely Mattress today, safe with the knowledge that the Ely Mattress GSM totals 6600 GSM and an additional 5000 pocket springs.

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