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The Ely Mattress is a natural mattress handmade in the UK – but did you know the Ely Mattress can also be ordered as a natural Zip and Link mattress? We have had a few requests for Zip and Link Mattresses in the past year, so we thought we would put the information together to help you decide whether a zip and link Ely mattress is the right choice for you.

First thing’s first, what is a ‘Zip and Link Mattress’?

A zip and link mattress are basically two mattresses zipped together to make one larger, whole mattress, often a super-king size. It allows each mattress to have different feels enabling couples to sleep comfortably when they prefer different tensions of the mattress. It also allows for mattresses to be taken up narrow staircases or hallways.

They started using zip and link mattresses in hotels, where they could easily offer flexibility for guests who wanted single or twin bed options as opposed to a King or Super king. The bed base would come as two separate singles which were put together with a linking bar to create one bed when guests wanted a couple’s room.

Why purchase an Ely Zip and Link Mattress?

It’s great if the standard natural Ely Mattress is perfect for you. But there here are some reasons why some customers prefer to order an Ely zip and link mattress:

  • They share the mattress with a partner, and they prefer different mattress feels
  • The staircase is difficult to manoeuvre a super-king mattress through
  • In Essence, it is two beds in one – so you can even use individual blankets and duvets to avoid being left feeling cold during the night by your partner hogging the covers.
  • If you combine your Ely zip and link mattress with a zip and link base, you could potentially make it into two singles when guests come by.

What sizes does the Zip and Link mattress come in?

Our zip and link mattress comes in any size of your choice. We can make a single Zip and link mattress, double zip and link mattress, king zip and link mattress, or super king zip and link.

Traditionally they only made King or Super King mattresses as zip and links, but with us being a mattress manufacturer, we can cater to custom requirements pretty easily.

What are the benefits of choosing the Ely Mattress as my zip and link option?

  • Our mattress is hypoallergenic, so this means it is dust-mite repellent (fewer dust mites means less allergy symptoms)
  • Non-chemical – a natural mattress is generally not treated with dangerous fire-retardant chemicals. They, are not made from synthetic polyurethane, which is a well-known allergy trigger, etc.
  • Absorbent, moisture-wicking properties
  • Natural fire-resistant properties
  • They regulate your body temperature
  • Environmentally friendly as they are made from 100% natural ingredients which are biodegradable.

Reasons why people buy a Zip and Link Mattress

  • Different body weights prefer different feels of a mattress
  • Sleep positions determine comfort requirements
  • If you need versatility or flexibility in turning the bed into two singles
  • It makes rotating or turning the mattress easier
  • Manoeuvring the mattress into tight spaces is easier, especially if access to the bedroom is going to be tricky.

Can you feel the zips on the mattress?

The zippers are strategically placed so that you will not feel them at all when you lay down to rest. The zippers are often placed on the sides at both the top and bottom of the mattress and for the seam, it is often placed on the edge. So, when they are zipped together, they fold over

How much does the Natural Zip and Link Mattress cost?

Any zip and link version of the Ely mattress costs 10% on top of the price displayed on the website for any of the size varieties. This applies to all customised mattress options of any size. It may take slightly longer to manufacturer your zip and link natural mattress, but we will communicate this with you and give you an indication of dates when you place your order.

How do I place an order for a Zip and Link mattress?

You have two options to place your order for a zip and link natural Ely Mattress:

Option A – Purchase the mattress on the website and request in the order notes, that it is to be made in a zip and link style. We will then send you a link to pay the additional 10% before we manufacture the mattress.

Option B – Email to request your customised Zip and Link mattress and we will send you a link to purchase your mattress.




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