Non-toxic Mattress UK – What to look for?

More and more in the modern world, we are trying to make a positive difference to the environment and to our own health, and the shift towards a non-toxic mattress is a movement that we should all consider.

We might think that most of our life is non-toxic, but you might be surprised by how much toxic stuff is in things you use every day, including your mattress. Of course you’ll want to correct this if you find out you’ve accidentally bought something that might be detrimental to your health.

Natural mattresses are a healthier option. We hope we can help you here.

Why should I swap out my non-toxic mattress?

We spend roughly one third of our life laid in bed. That’s why this is one of the biggest swap outs of toxicity you can do. Given the time we spend on our mattress and our close connection to it, it’s vital we look to replace a toxic mattress with a healthier alternative when we can. Luckily, we offer 0% finance options, which means you can spread the cost in a way that doesn’t badly affect your bank account.

What is a non-toxic mattress?

A non-toxic mattress is one put together without the use of chemicals that are potentially detrimental to our health. They are sometimes described as organic, green or eco-friendly. You should be cautious, because some companies might advertise themselves as such even though they are not, in fact, worthy of the label. If we break these words and their meaning down, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for if you are looking for a genuinely non-toxic mattress in the UK.

Organic mattresses are non-toxic

When you see a mattress advertised as organic, this should mean that the product is made up of organic materials. In mattresses, these materials include wool, cotton and latex. This does not mean to say that the whole mattress is organic, so pay careful attention to the wording. If it says ‘made using organic materials’, that means there are organic materials within it, but it is highly likely the whole thing is not organic.

If your mattress contains memory foam or polyethylene foam, it is not organic. These elements are manufactured, and though they can be produced without toxic chemicals, they are not organic.

Mattresses described as ‘Green’

People use the word green because it has positive associations with the environment and health. Don’t take for granted that a green mattress is healthy. Look for product information online to confirm exactly how it is green, and check for non-organic materials listed above.

Eco-friendly and non toxic mattress

Again, it is very easy to slap ‘eco-friendly’ to the front of mattress packaging or on a website and claim the mattress you are looking at is a healthy place to sleep, so check what it’s made from.

For the most part, eco-friendly mattresses are made without too much interference, and therefore are likely to be toxin free, but do your due diligence, and check your mattress is as eco-friendly as is being claimed.


Another great indication that your UK mattress is toxin free is whether or not it has a certification that proves the product is non-toxic. There are many tests companies can submit themselves to in order to obtain these certifications, and they will declare it free from harmful chemicals and safe for consumers, in order to keep them safe from potential risks.

Checklist for purchasing a non-toxic mattress in the UK

To assist you further on what to look for, we have compiled a checklist with some useful tips.

  • If you are looking for a mattress with organic materials, it is useful to understand if the company you are buying from is certified. Here at Ely Mattresses our products are certified natural all the way through.
  • Look for products that haven’t been chemically treated, and unbleached organic cotton, organic filling, and organic dyes.
  • Avoid memory foam mattresses
  • Do your research into whether the claims the company makes are backed with proof regarding the non-toxicity of the mattress. Make sure you understand what you are reading.
  • Check how the company made the mattress flame retardant. Wool is a common natural flame retardant material used in mattresses.
  • If the product doesn’t declare itself resistant to fire, you need to check how it meets flammability standards. Not only are toxic mattresses a risk, but mattresses that are highly flammable are dangerous, so check how your mattress is made non-flammable, and look for one that is naturally so.
  • Research the company. Do they fill you with confidence in what they do and produce, and what evidence is there for this?

Ely mattresses are completely natural and free from toxins, making them a safe, comfortable place to sleep. Browse our range.






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