Our favourite ethical sleep brands

When it comes to sleep, mattresses are not enough. There’s a whole host of aspects to a good night of sleep, including lovely, comfortable bedding, flexible nightwear, what you do (and wear) before you go to bed, and lighting.

In today’s throw-away society, it’s easy to buy, use and chuck, without giving the environment a second thought. This isn’t something Ely Mattresses subscribes to. We’re aware of the strain mass markets put on our environment and actively work to lower the impact we’re having on our planet at every opportunity. We know this is something our customers appreciate.

We’d love it if we knew our customers were taking their environmental consciousness seriously and using it to choose bedroom and sleep-time products as Earth friendly as their Ely Mattress, but we know it can be difficult. Often, these products are hard to find or potentially expensive. We’re aware not everyone has the time or money needed to build a completely eco-friendly bedroom.

Still, to help you continue your environmentally friendly search for sleep brands, we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourites in the hope that you might be able to incorporate some of them into your sleep routine, because we don’t need a few people doing this perfectly, we need everyone doing it imperfectly.

1.   Grund


Grund sells a range of organic and environmentally friendly bedroom products, from robes and duvets, to bed sheets and rugs. Their products are made from natural materials and they operate as an environmentally conscious organisation.

Looking for a fashionable throw for your bedspread? Their organic throw blanket is 100% cotton and comes in a range of colours.

Grund was founded in 1990 and is recognised as a leading brand across Asia and Europe.

2.   Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics are a zero waste company, which means they generate zero non recyclable waste ever. They have a range of incredibly comfortable looking neck rolls and pillows, which help support and align the neck and body whilst you sleep.

They also sell a range of organic wool comforters.

Holy Lamb Organics state their mission is “to create beautiful, sustainably handcrafted products using all natural and organic materials for a healthy, eco-friendly life and home.” Their founder, Willow Whitton, has been striving to build a business that benefited both people and the planet for decades.

3.   People Tree

People Tree sells soft pyjamas made from Fair Trade certified organic cotton, ranging from cheaply priced to more expensive. Alongside beautiful nightwear in a range of calming pastel colours, they also sell dresses and underwear, so you’ll have something lovely to put in your closet.

People Tree are based in the UK and, whether you’re looking for nightdresses or comfy PJs, they’ll have something for you.

People Tree was founded in 1991, way before the environmental revolution of recent years, which means they know what they’re doing. Every product is made to the highest environmental standard in line with the core values and beliefs of their founder, Safia Minney. They were awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label and were the first fashion company to achieve that.

4.   Bed Threads

Bed Threads sell amazing fair trade nightwear, including this stylish French flax linen robe, which is available in a variety of colours.

They also sell a range of popular slips for bed, designed to be cool and comfortable whether you’re on or off your mattress.

Bed Threads linen originates from flax, a plant that requires less water and fewer pesticides to grow, and they’re 100% carbon neutral, which means they work to offset their carbon footprint in order to protect the environment.

5.   Rawganique

Rawqanique sell elastic-free, organic cotton fleece booties in black and white. They’re suitable to be used as boot liners, sleep socks, or house slippers.

They also sell 100% cotton pajamas for both sexes, which they claim are the most sustainable and ethically made all natural pyjamas available.

Rawqanique sell chemical and allergy free organic natural fiber products, and specialise in hemp. Their pyjamas and accessories are traditional but trendy, and their environmental consciousness applies across all of their products.

6.   Lofter

Some of us are uncomfortable in the dark and prefer to sleep bathed in the comfort of a nightlight. Aside from concerns about blue lights and what they can do to your sleeping pattern, nightlight sleepers should also be thinking about the impact their sleeping habits are having on the environment. Nighttime is when your corner of the Earth takes a breather, so it’s important any appliances you leave on are planet-friendly.

Lofter market this cute little mushroom light for babies, but we think it’s stylish enough to fit in with most decors. It’s soft silicone head and wooden base are both eco friendly, and it’s energy saving, which means its use is not as harsh on the environment.

Lofter was founded in 2012 and, though they don’t market themselves as an eco conscious company, some of their products are environmentally friendly. Their aim is to bring high tech to clients and give them an easier and simpler life.

To shop our ethical mattress – visit this page.

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