Recommended bed bases to put your natural Ely Mattress

If you’re buying a swanky new mattress, you might be wondering what type of bed base you should use with it. We get it. The last thing you want to do when you have invested in something expensive is risk ruining it by pairing it with the wrong type of something else.

Ely mattresses are made from all natural materials. They’re breathable and comfortable; the perfect mattress addition to the safe haven that is your bedroom. But what bed base should you use with it?

Here, we’ll discuss the best option – a slatted bed base – to make deciding on a foundation for your Ely mattress as easy as we hope it was to decide to buy it.

Why slatted beds are the best

Slatted bed bases are relatively common. They’re the ones with the individual bits of wood used to hold the mattress up. They might not be fancy in design, but they have one really great attribute; they allow mattresses to breathe.

Ely Mattress has spent a really long time making sure our mattresses are breathable. Our materials – wool, cotton and horsehair – were all selected in part for their breathable qualities. A breathable mattress allows air to circulate, which means you’ll get the absolute best from your mattress.

Why are slatted mattresses best for breathable beds?

Overheating is a common problem when people sleep, but did you know it can actually be unhealthy to sweat in bed?

When you sweat your body releases moisture, which then sits on your mattress and becomes a breeding ground for mould and germs. This not only damages your mattress over time, it can also be very unhealthy for you.

When properly allowed to breathe, Ely mattresses are amazing at wicking away moisture, so you’ll never have to worry that there are sweaty nasties living on and in your mattress.

Because the materials we use are breathable by definition, it’s highly unlikely you will sweat anyway.

Slatted mattresses have gaps that allow air to circulate, which further enhances the breathable qualities of the materials.

Choosing a slatted bed

Of course we would recommend you take care when you buy your slatted bed. Not all slatted beds were created equal, after all.

You need to make sure that the slats are close enough together that there is no way your mattress can sag, but not too close together that the mattress cannot breathe. There should be around three or four inches between each slat. Any more, and your mattress won’t be able to breathe properly. Any less, and you’ll have sagging over time.

Whether you choose three or four inches depends on the amount of support and level of firmness you like. It might not seem like it would make much difference, but it really does!


After you’ve dealt with the slatting, you should consider what your bed base is made from. As an environmentally friendly company (all of our mattresses are 100% recyclable), we’d love to recommend that you buy a bed base made from all natural materials. Slatted wood beds are a good option, but you could look at iron beds, too, for the purposes of durability. They’re much more likely to last a long time, so taken to landfill a lot less.

Consider upcycling

We understand that not everyone can afford a nice, new, natural bed. If that’s you, we’d recommend looking for a good second hand bed on websites like Freecycle, or Facebook marketplace. Lots of people are selling or giving away cheap and perfectly adequate beds just because they’ve bought a new one, so you could save a perfectly good bed from landfill for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a new one.

If you are buying a new bed, remember that slatted beds come in all sorts of different designs. We absolutely love these platform beds from They’re minimalist and on trend, and the perfect second edition to your bedroom.

If you still haven’t bought your Ely mattress…

What are you waiting for? Ely mattresses have a whole host of benefits, including the fact that they’re:

  • breathable: as we’ve mentioned above, our natural materials mean our mattresses are breathable, which regulates your body temperature and helps prevent mould,
  • recyclable: because they’re made from all natural materials, Ely mattresses are 100% recyclable,
  • durable: because our materials were chosen in part for their durability, we’re able to offer you a ten year warranty,
  • naturally hypoallergenic: we know you’re sick of us bragging about our materials, but they’re naturally hypoallergenic, too, which means no itching and sneezing,
  • naturally fire resistant: we think you might know why, so we won’t mention how amazing our materials are again!

If you’re still not convinced, we’d love to chat you through it. Call 0203 476 3805, or email

If you’re ready to shop, please browse our amazing range!

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