Should you use a mattress protector?

Your mattress is an expensive asset and needs extra protection. You might not think this is necessary, but your phone is likely worth much less, and you protect it, right? You load your laptop up with anti-virus software because you want it to last as long as it can. You shouldn’t treat your laptop any differently.

But what mattress protector should you choose? You’ll need one that is safe and healthy, and will not hinder your sleep. We’d also recommend one made from natural materials, so that you can recycle it and cause no damage to the planet.

A mattress protector is also a good idea if you think your mattress might be on its way out. It can improve your sleep quality drastically and buy you more time, so it’s a worthy investment, given it is a fraction of the price of a mattress.

What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is exactly what it says it is, a device that protects your mattress. They cover it completely and are held in place by hardy elastic. They’ll protect your mattress from spills and sweats. They’re easy to remove and wash (or replace) which means you don’t need to worry about your more expensive, less practical mattress underneath. We recommend buying two and rotating them, then replacing them as and when you feel they need it (when they’re smelly, or don’t fit as well, or if they are covered in stains.

They sit between your mattress and bed sheets.

You might think your sheets are enough, but because they’re permeable, anything you spill on your mattress will seep through and onto your mattress. Really, you need something in between.

Because a good quality mattress protector is comfortable, they’re not only good to protect your new mattress from the beginning, they’re great for adding life and comfort to your old mattress. They add extra cushioning. You should consider buying one if you think your old mattress is on the way out. You might be surprised by how well it improves your sleep.

Why do I need a mattress protector?

A good mattress will look after your back and help your mental health by making sure you have a good night of sleep, so it is important you invest in protecting it.


Did you know we lose roughly a pint of water in perspiration a night. This is often absorbed into your sheets, then your mattress. If you’re hygienic, you wash your bedsheets, duvet cover and pillow cases often, but how do you watch your mattress? Not without great difficulty.

Mattress protectors help by stopping fluid from reaching the exposed surface of your mattress. This is a good idea even if your mattress wicks moisture away (like our natural Ely mattress). That’s because any moisture that is not removed creates a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria.

Dust mites cause allergic reactions, and their droppings can cause eczema and rhinitis. Mattress protectors are easy to wash and so remove the risk of this happening. This will keep your mattress (and you) healthier.

What’s the best mattress protector?

Here at Ely, our mattress protector is called the ‘Guardsman’. It comes in single, double, king and super king sizes, so we have something for everyone. It’s designed to prevent fluids reaching your mattress, and to keep you cool and comfortable.

The Guardsman is 100% waterproof and safe for people with allergies. It’s breathable layer takes heat away from the body by capturing and absorbing it. It comes with a ten year guarantee, providing exceptional comfort to give you a relaxing night of sleep.

The Guardsman incorporates a deep skirt that fits like a fitted sheet. We also sell pillow protectors available to fit standard sized pillows. These have the same benefit, and come in packs of two.

Caring for your mattress protector


The Guardsman is machine washable. We recommend you do this regularly, to a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. This will take away any allergens and dust mites that might be living in your protector, and remove any stains that might make your protector unsightly.


We recommend drying your mattress protector on the lowest setting in the tumble dryer, or line drying. The Guardsman has a built in waterproof membrane. It can be washed and dried as often as you like with no risk of damage to protective benefits.

Where can I get the Guardsman luxury mattress protector?

You can buy our luxury mattress protector on our website, and we absolutely know it’s a worthwhile investment.

There are a wide range of mattresses and protectors on the market at the moment, but here at Ely, we recommend our own products. They come with a ten year warranty, because we believe so whole-heartedly that they’ll last, we have no concerns you’ll return to tell us they haven’t.

We’re sure you’ll love how well it takes care of your mattress and how much comfort it adds to your sleep routine.

For more information, visit our dedicated mattress protector page. Happy sleeping.







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