Sleep Health: Best products to help you sleep in 2020

New year, new you! We’re sure that you, like almost everyone else, have a list as long as your arm of things you want to change in 2020. But have you given any thought to improving your sleep and how that will change your life?

Sleep is important because it allows your body to repair. It improves your productivity and concentration, regulates your calories, and reduces your risk of a poorly heart.

So it’s really important that you take sleep seriously and invest, where possible, in improving it. There are lots of aids and products out there to help you. Here’s our guide to the best products to help you sleep in 2020.

  1. Natural and non-toxic mattresses

We’ll start with our speciality; mattresses made from natural materials and free from toxins.

Mattresses made from natural materials regulate body temperature and are typically free from chemicals that you really wouldn’t want close to your skin.

Wool has several properties beneficial to health, including the ability to dissipate moisture and regulate body temperature, both important if you’re looking for a night of health-healing sleep. Wool is also naturally hypoallergenic, so if you suffer from allergies, it’s a safe choice. Looking for a safe and comfortable sleep? Try and Ely mattress.

Mattress protectors

This is another of our favourites. Mattresses are not just there to protect your mattress from damage, they’re also great, when purchased correctly, for protecting you. Our mattress protectors prevent dust mites, bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus from breeding in your mattress, all of which can have a negative impact on your health. They can also destroy your mattress, meaning you’ll need to replace it much sooner. If you’re anything like us, we know you could do without premature costs and pointless fussing.

Lavender plants

Lavender plants are very beautiful; their striking green and purple colours fit in well in all environments. They can also help you to sleep. Not only that, but lavender plants have been proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. That makes them perfect for the bedroom. They like heat and sunlight, and will thrive on a sunny bedroom windowsill. Plus, you can buy them almost anywhere.

Smart Nora snoring solutions

Snoring every now and again is not a problem, but persistent snoring can be a sign of a more serious health complication, such as abnormal structure in the nose or throat. If you snore a lot, it’s important that you consult a health professional and make sure that there’s nothing sinister going on.

Once you have the all clear, you’ll want to find a solution to your snoring, because it can interrupt your sleep and if you have a partner, it’s no doubt irritating for them.

The Smart Nora snoring aide is expensive, but highly effective. It detects the onset of snoring and automatically adjusts your pillow to stop unhealthy breathing before it begins.


Humidifiers are great in cold weather. Cooling mists dampen cold air and keep your sinuses clear, making it easier to breath. Vava Humidifiers are quiet, so they won’t disturb your shuteye, but you’ll wake feeling less stuffy and more well rested.

Weighted blankets

Do you suffer from insomnia or anxiety? Lack of sleep is terrible for your health and it is important that you try to overcome your issues. These days, celebrities are raving about weighted blankets and their properties as sleep assistants.

Weighted blankets are woven with pellets or metal chains to add a comforting weight while you sleep. Some come with removable interiors so that you can still use them in the summer months. If you struggle to sleep and it’s impacting your overall health and wellbeing, they’re definitely worth a shot.

Wake up lights

When we were cavemen, we went to sleep and rose with the sun, just as other animals do. We spent a lot of time sleeping in the winter and less time sleeping in the summer, and we rarely had to worry about loud, unpleasant noises screaming us awake. It was a much simpler time.

There’s mounting evidence to suggest that humans are healthier and happier when we listen to our circadian rhythm. That’s the part of us that knows through nature that we should be awake when the sun is up and sleeping when it’s down.

That’s not always practical; if we followed those rules in the winter, we’d hardly ever be at work. But you can give your body a rest from alarm clocks, by using a wake up light. These useful bedside pals wake you up with gentle sounds and soft, sunrise simulating light, for a calmer start to your morning routine.

If you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep you need per night, you’ll spend an entire third of your life asleep. That’s a really long time to spend uncomfortable or struggling to do something. Invest in your sleep and you’ll notice a difference in your concentration level and overall energy, so that you can spend the time you’re not sleeping focusing on the things you really want to do.

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