The most popular bedroom trends

There’s no denying that the summer months captivate our hearts, not just with incredible weather, but with incredible memories. Bright blue skies and vibrant colours might get your creative juices flowing and create an uplifting sense of freedom and warmth. Now that we’re out of the gloomier months, you might be thinking about an overhaul of your bedroom, and perhaps you are wondering what the most popular bedroom trends are at the moment.

Well, we’re here to talk you through the most popular bedroom trends.

Inviting nature

Bringing nature into your home is hugely on trend at the moment. From potted plants to nature themed wallpapers, there’s a whole host of ways to do this.

Incorporating the natural theme into your home means bringing in greens and browns, potentially with some blue. It also means taking advantage of whatever natural light you have.

For a different approach to nature, incorporate yellows and blues, for a beach type vibe.

Use textured fabrics, such as cotton and velvet, to bring the dimensions of your bedroom to life. Wood is another fantastic material to use in a nature themed bedroom, as is wicker.

Advanced floral

Flowers are always in trend in some capacity, from contemporary patterns to mid-century and vintage.

But you don’t want to overdo it. If you’re incorporating floral, be careful about how far you go with it. Floral patterns should be a feature element, so if you’re papering the walls in a floral design, the rest of your decor should be neutral.

The only time you should really mix floral elements with another key theme is if you’re using the natural trend listed above, perhaps in your scatter cushions or on a carefully chosen rug.

To incorporate floral designs in a more subtle way, consider bold floral wall prints in your chosen colours.

Dried flowers are a hugely popular decorative element at the moment and can be purchased from most online stores, or from home shops like The Range and B&M. Pop them in a vintage style water jug for a pretty, low maintenance floral decoration.

But floral doesn’t have to mean ditsy prints or big, bold flowers, it can also mean incorporating other trendy designs, such as ‘tropical’, which often includes flowers alongside other key design elements. You might find birds and bees, or even elephants, included in these designs.

Scandanavian and minimalist

We love the Scandanavian design. Colour pallet is key here. Think neutral with splashes of core colours. Yellows and teals are perfect here. The rest of the design is down to stylish minimalism.

Lots of Scandanavian style bedrooms also use the low beds commonly seen in this country in lofts. There are other special elements, too, including open clothing rails and patterned rugs.

Furniture is usually minimalist and sparse. Bedside tables, for example, usually have long, thin legs, and bedside lamps made from some sort of titanium, with big bulbs and thin stems.

Start with a neutral canvas, then pick a colour to incorporate subtly through the room in furniture and art.

Less is more here, so don’t go overboard.

Making headboards the focus

This is a major 2021 trend and can be incorporated into any of the designs above. Tall, curved headboards in patterns are in, whether they’re floral, natural or Scandanavian in theme.

Statement beds have been on the up for a while, but they’re more popular than ever this year.

If you are planning on buying one, just make sure you choose something that you can adapt or incorporate into your bedrooms as styles change.

Final thoughts

If you’re thinking about redecorating your bedroom, we recommend you start by making sure your bedroom is a comfortable place to sleep, and that is about much more than the way your room looks.

It starts with your mattress, which should be comfortable and as new as possible.

Ely have developed the incredible Ely Mattress, which comes with a 30 day sleep trial and a ten year warranty.

It’s made from all natural materials, which means it is biodegradable and fully recyclable.

We use horse hair, cotton and wool to create a comfortable, breathable and hygienic mattress that is naturally hypoallergenic and fire retardant.

Cotton used to be the key ingredient in mattresses, before the industrial revolution brought cheaper materials that were quicker to assemble. Now, environmental concerns are encouraging people to search for more natural solutions to their everyday needs.

Natural mattresses give the best nature has to offer, which means they’re durable and high quality. They’re a more environmentally conscious and safe way to sleep, as they’re free from unnatural materials you might find in other mattresses, especially foam brands.

For more information on our natural mattresses, read about our thirteen layers. If you are ready to buy, browse our Ely mattress range.




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