The Ultimate Guide to Making a Natural and Eco-Friendly Bedroom

We’ve looked at ways to creating an eco-friendly bedroom. The world is changing. Eco-friendliness has gone mainstream. If we want to save the planet, the general consensus is that everybody trying imperfectly is better than a few who completely overhaul their lives. It’s easier than ever to contribute individually by making informed and responsible choices. Why not start with your bedroom?

You spend a lot of time in bed; a third of your life if you get the recommended eight hours of sleep an evening. It’s an important room. You’ll want it to be comfortable and attractive. But that shouldn’t happen at the expense of the environment. The good news is it doesn’t have to.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to create a beautiful, comfortable, eco-friendly bedroom that’s good for you and good for the environment, too.

  • Shop responsibly

This isn’t just about finding plastic-free products, this is about giving your money to companies who’ll use that profit responsibility. You can buy a reclaimed wooden table or plastic free lamp and feel good about it, but if the company you bought it from use that money to make unrecyclable toy boxes then you’re right back where you started.

Don’t look for individual eco-friendly products, look for companies with environmentalism at the core of their brand. Organisations like these tend to focus on their impact on the planet and forfeit their profits for the benefit of the greater good. If you care about the environment, that will be a feature that’s important to you. Organisations like these are likely broadcast their efforts on their website and their individual products, so you shouldn’t find it too hard to sniff them out.

At Ely Mattresses, we care about the environment. We recycle old mattresses through the Furniture Recycling Group to actively reduce landfill and our products are made from recyclable materials  to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Buy recyclable products

We tip an awful lot of rubbish into landfill because we live in a disposable world. Clothes, shoes, furniture; it’s all easy to purchase and cheap to replace. But that is not the best thing for the planet. If you care about being eco-friendly, it’s very important that you look to buy products that are recyclable.

Search for natural fibres instead of man-made and companies with a proven record of recyclability. Avoid plastic wherever you can.

Ely Mattresses are made from wool, horsehair and non-toxic cotton.

  • Invest in items that last a long time

The invention of the internet brought with it countless opportunities to order things quickly and repeatedly. You can buy a cheap, flimsy bed and when it breaks, you can order a new one. This is terrible for the environment. Even if your product is recyclable and therefore not headed for landfill, making and transporting products uses water and fuel that are not good for the planet.

So it makes much more sense to save your money and invest in something high quality and long-lasting. Look for bedroom furniture with a long warranty.

Ely Mattresses come with a ten year promise. Not only are they hard wearing and durable, but we’ll replace them in the unlikely event that a manufacturing issue emerges. We can do this because we’re extremely confident that our products will last you a decade or more.

  • Reduce your energy consumption

You’ll want your bedroom to be warm and cosy, especially in these winter months. Putting on the heating may seem like the quickest way to do that, but you’ll actually have a much warmer and more environmentally friendly room if you work out a way to plug the gaps and keep the warmth inside.

Check windows and doors for any holes in the frames and replace them where necessary. If there irreplaceable or expensive to fix, fit draft excluders; you’ll be very surprised just how much heat they can save.

In the olden days, before central heating was a thing, our ancestors used hot water bottles to keep warm. Slip a couple between the sheets an hour or so before you’re due to get into bed and delight in the toastiness. Whilst we’re at it; never forget the benefits of fluffy blankets. You can never have too many. Make sure they’re made from recyclable material and load up.

  • Get a plant

Plants turn carbon dioxide and water into oxygen. Environmental organisations heavily recommend that we plant as many trees as we can, but adopting a plant and watering it lovingly is a good way to help the environment. Plants are beautiful too, so their presence in your bedroom will lift up the aesthetics and make it look pretty.

If you’re ready to redecorate your bedroom and you’re looking to make it more eco-friendly, it’s a good idea to start with Google. There are a whole host of environmentally conscious companies out there selling products that are durable, comfortable and good for the planet. Avoid plastics and manmade fibres, cheap items and companies that churn out millions of products without taking the planet and her health into consideration. With some real thought and planning, you can design a stylish green space to sleep in.

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