Tips for looking after your new mattress

Tips for looking after your new mattress

A good quality, well taken care of mattress should last eight to ten years. Mattresses can be expensive, but they’re a worthy investment, since sleep is linked to your overall health and wellbeing.


In order to get the very best out of your mattress, you’ll want to take good care of it. There’s lots you can do to keep your mattress healthy. These tasks might seem like an extra thing to add to a never-ending list of things to do but trust us, you’ll be grateful for doing them in the long run.


Rotate the mattress

The advice used to be to flip your mattress but most modern mattresses have a hard bottom and only one sleepable side. Our Ely classic mattress can be flipped over so you get longevity, unlike these mattresses-in-a-box brands. You can also rotate your mattress. This is so that your mattress wears more evenly, otherwise the part that your heavier partner sleeps on might be ready for replacement well before the side your lighter partner sleeps on. Wrigglers can also do significantly more damage than still sleepers. Rotating or flipping your mattress once a month will evenly distribute damage and help your mattress last longer.


No jumping

This might seem like a silly one but jumping around on your mattress can do significant damage to it and eventually ruin it. Try to avoid letting your kids jump on your bed. We know it makes us sound like killjoys, but the mattresses are our passion and we don’t make the rules.


Use a mattress cover

We know… we know! (we can see you rolling your eyes) Mattress covers were always something your mum recommended that you use and you never really understood why, but they are actually really important for overall mattress health. They keep your mattress safe from stains and from the potentially long-lasting, odorous effects of spillage. They can also provide extra padding, as well as protection from allergens and bedbugs.


Make sure you have a solid base

Your mattress is built to adapt to your weight, but to do that efficiently it needs a solid base. Invest in a good quality, sturdy bed frame and give your mattress everything it needs to thrive.


Carry it carefully

House moves happen to good people. Most mattresses have handles, but it is not best practice to use these for carrying by yourself; the handles are there to help you to position your mattress properly. If you need to carry it, you should make sure that you have several people to help you lift your mattress from the bottom, taking care to support your mattress fully so that it does not dip or bend.


Keep it dry

Take care to wipe up any spills properly. Moisture is a breeding ground for mould. If you’ve been drinking tea under your duvet before bedtime and you’ve spilled it everywhere, you’ll be perturbed to hear that you might need a night on the sofa because you absolutely should let your mattress dry properly before you make your bed. Our advice would be to keep things that might stain your mattress away from your bedroom, but we understand that this is not always possible.


Avoid using the same spot over and over again

Try not to perch on the same spot every day whilst you put on your socks or dry your hair. Over time (and there are 3,520 days in a ten-year period) you’ll damage the parts of your mattress you overuse at a different rate to the bits you don’t use so much. Your mattress is only as good as its worst bits.


Replace your mattress when it’s ready

Mattresses last eight to ten years, but you’ll know when yours is ready for an upgrade. Bite the bullet and get it done. Sleep is important for your general health and wellbeing, and your mattress plays a massive part in your overall comfort.


Ely Mattresses are high quality and made from recyclable materials. They’re breathable and adapt to temperature, and come with rave reviews. If you’d like more information on how an Ely mattress could improve your sleep, please contact us.

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