Too hot to sleep? Best sleep hacks to stay cool

Too hot to sleep? Best sleep hacks to stay cool

Top tips and hacks to help you sleep through those long hot summer nights – from temperature regulating mattresses to ‘cold-water’ bottles

With beautiful sunny warm days, comes those annoyingly sticky humid nights, and so we often struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, thanks to the warm air that makes getting our much-needed shut eye all that much more difficult.

But as with everything, there is a solution to hot nights and so you can have your cooler night’s sleep even in the Summer. Here we have collated Ely’s favourite staying cool hacks so we can battle those stifling hot nights and make those summer nights bearable again.

Try these top tips and hacks and you’re guaranteed to enjoy a delightful night’s sleep, no matter how scorching it gets outdoors.

Temperature Regulating Mattresses

Invest in a natural, eco-friendly temperature regulating mattress which provides comfort throughout all four seasons. Our Ely mattresses are not only temperature regulating, but are also made from 100% natural and locally sourced materials and woven into the most comfortable breathable mattresses. Our luxurious silk, wool, horsehair and cashmere layers maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature through all types of temperature.

We’ve also been told our mattresses are perfect for regulating your temperature on those stiflingly hot summer nights.

Buy yours today.

Cotton bedsheets

Ditch the silk and polyester during summer and opt for cotton bedsheets instead. Cotton bed linens are breathable and not heavy, which encourages airflow in your bedroom.

And tempting as it may be, keep your pyjamas on, because cotton pyjamas will allow your skin to breathe and promote air circulation.

Keep the room breezy

Switch on the air con for a quick fix in the room temperature or keep a window slightly open in your bedroom. We tend to sleep best in a cooler bedroom, with the ideal temperature being 17ºC.

Use a water spray

Try filling a spray bottle with cool water and lightly spraying your bedsheets before climbing into them… but be careful not to overdo it! This hack will keep your cool throughout the night, but the last thing you want is to sleep in soaked bedsheets.

Why not try spraying your curtains or keep a mini spray bottle to lightly spritz yourself in the middle of the night to keep your neck and feet cooler when you feel too warm?

Chill your sheets

Yes, we kid you not, this is an actual thing. You can simply put your cotton bedsheets into a freezer bag and pop them in to the freezer for 20 minutes before you are ready to go to sleep.

Make a ‘cold water bottle’

This is probably the coolest sleep hack we’ve heard of. You can reverse your hot water bottle and fill it with ice and cool water to take to bed with you. You can use the cool water bottle on your pulse points for true effect, such as the neck, wrists, knees and ankles.

Switch off your gadgets

Electronic devices emit heat energy into the air, so turning them off will help lower your bedroom’s temperature. If you cannot switch it off completely, then try and keep gadget use to a minimum before bed in order to increase the chances of a restful night.

Sleep Alone

Heat transfers from body to body, so give cuddling a miss in the summer. You can temporarily sleep separately to keep cooler if the summer night heat bothers you that much.

Take a cool shower

Use tepid water in your night time shower to cool right down before actually getting into bed. Be mindful not to have an ice-cold shower though, because they will most likely leave you wide-awake!

Invest in a temperature regulating natural mattress today

Looking for a better-quality mattress that is also regulates your body temperature, no matter which season we are in? Studies reveal that lower body temperatures overnight tend to promote better sleep, while higher body temperatures can interrupt the sleep cycle.

We believe out that the soundest sleep comes from having five vital qualities in a mattress: Comfortable, Supportive, Healthy, Longevity and Regulates Body Temperature. Unlike foam – which can sag, gets too hot and gives you that sinking feeling, we use cotton, horsehair and other natural materials to help you get a great night sleep every night.

Buy your temperature regulating mattress here.

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