Upgrading your foam mattress to a natural mattress

Purchasing a new mattress is a huge decision and a large investment. A good mattress will last you ten years or more, so you want to make sure you are buying one that is high quality and offers you a decade of comfort and support. There are many more things that need to be considered, though, including what you already think you know about high quality mattresses. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what makes a good mattress and what is a luxury product. If you’re not careful, you might end up buying the wrong thing.

You want to make sure that your mattress is comfortable and supportive first of all, but also that it is healthy for you to sleep on and good for the environment.

If you have a foam mattress, we’re specifically talking to you. Foam mattresses are not sustainable and if they end up in landfill they are detrimental to the environment. Millions of mattresses every year end up in the tip, where they spend hundreds of years breaking down. If you’ve owned mattresses made from unsustainable materials before now, every one of them will outlive you. That’s a scary thought, when we’re facing the destruction of our planet, and changing our habits is on everyone’s mind.

Foam mattresses are also potentially detrimental to your health. They go through a period of off-gassing, which is related to the man-made material they are made from – and this has been known to cause symptoms like harm to your skin, and respiratory problems.

But that isn’t all. There are other issues with foam mattresses.

  • They negatively impact your body’s aligned. Memory foam is considered to be low resilience polyurethane, which means it doesn’t offer a rebound action to assist with your natural alignment. This is particularly bad for elderly people, or those with joint or muscle issues.
  • Memory foam does not regulate your body temperature because it isn’t permeable and breathable. This means you’ll be very hot in the summer. Your sweat might then rest on the foam of your mattress, and this becomes a breeding ground for germs.
  • You might have issues with comfortability. If you have the tendency to move in your sleep, your mattress will adapt with a slow response, which might leave you feeling unsupported and uncomfortable.
  • Off-gassing leaves an uncomfortable smell and you might not be able to stand it for a while.
  • Memory foam mattresses are not weather responsive. This means they won’t keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Natural is better

If you’re looking for safety, comfort and reliability, we think natural mattresses are better. Forget what you’ve heard in the past. Foam mattresses are not the status symbol they pretend to be. They’re not great for back pain and they are not luxury. To get that, you need to go back to Mother Nature and the glorious materials she offers us to use.

Here at Ely, we make our mattresses from the very best materials. They’re made from 100% quality materials and we are so sure they’ll bring you a comfortable night of sleep that we offer thirty night sleep trials and ten year warranty.

More than that, they’re great for the environment. Because the materials are natural it means that when you are done with them they can be recycled. Even if they are not, they degrade like natural materials do, in a way that is not harmful to the environment.

We’ve put a lot of time into building the perfect mattress, blending amazing materials together with the environment in mind. Our core materials are:

  • wool
  • horsehair

We chose these materials because they are:

  • Breathable – they can regulate body temperature and stop moisture from settling on your mattress.
  • Resilient – because they are nature’s most durable materials, they’ll last a really long time.
  • Springy – because these materials are naturally springy (have you ever seen a flat sheep?) they’re naturally bouncy and therefore comfortable.

Foam free is the best way to be

Although there is no doubt that foam mattresses have been successful (and we are sure there are people out there who still swear by them), we think natural is the way forward. After all, we evolved for tens of thousands of years with only the materials the Earth gave us before we started injecting the unnatural into our lives.

Why do you need foam and it’s unnatural materials in your life, when you have a wealth of durable, healthy materials to choose from? Materials that do not need spraying with unnatural fire retardant, because they are gloriously fire retardant without any additional sprays! Materials that don’t take a whole load of manufacturing to produce!

Here at Ely, we really care about your comfort as much as we do about your health, but we also care about the environment. That’s why we’ve created what we think is the best mattress out there. We’re so confident we offer a free thirty day sleep trial and a ten year warranty.

For more information, browse our range.


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