Valentine’s Special: 5 flowers that can improve your mood

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! And it’s falling on the weekend! Are you prepared for two days of full blown celebration?

Whether you have a Valentine or not, we think you should get involved this year. It’s a tough time for all of us, and the most important relationship you have with anyone is the one you have with yourself.

So maybe you need to show yourself a little passion, or raise your own mood. Perhaps you have a loved one who needs a little pick-me-up? If that’s the case, we have an incredible article for you. In this piece, we’ll discuss the wonder of flowers. But these aren’t just any blooms, they’re blooms that raise your mood.

It makes sense when you think about it. Flowers are brightly coloured and have strong scents, and both have been linked to mood boosting. There’s a reason we pour smelly stuff in the bath, and decorate our homes with pretty things.

Without further delay, here are our top five mood boosting flowers. Happy Valentine’s Day!


The colour yellow has been scientifically proven to make you feel happy and spontaneous. There is no yellow-er flower than the sunflower. These gorgeous blooms look kind of hideous before they flower, but when they do they look magnificent. Bursting with colour, they’re a trendy edition to any room, and a great way to brighten up the winter months.

If you’re not a fan of the sunflower, why not look for other yellow flowers, like the daffodil. Most supermarkets are selling these spring beauties for around a pound. They bloom within a couple of days, and live a week or more if well taken care of.

Tulips and roses are good yellow flower options, too.


We love lavender, and think it’s an absolute staple sent for the bedroom. Lavender is so gorgeous we use its fragrance in everything, from perfumes, to room sprays, to candles. The lavender flower is a gorgeous purple colour, so it really pops in rooms decorated white or grey; both seriously on-trend colours.

Lavender has been proven to calm and soothe the mind, and contain therapeutic and curative properties that can help calm your worried mind.

Yellow Marigold

This flower is so on trend. Not only is it yellow, but it’s a fuzzy ball of beauty. Yellow marigold has been proven to elevate feelings of cheer and warmth. It’s also said to increase productivity and happiness.

If you want a constant supply of these pretty flowers, they’re really easy to grow and care for. They come in African, French, Triploid and single varieties, and there are subtle differences to each.

You’ll need to plant them inside around sixty days before the last frost date, then move them outside in the spring.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies promote a cheery atmosphere, but they’re also effective at removing benzene from the air, which is found in solvents and paints. This makes them the perfect plant for redecorators.

They’re also really easy to grow indoors, for those of you looking for a constant supply of flowers. They need bright light and moderate heat, so you should place them by a window. Light is the most important element here. You should water the plant sparingly in the winter months, and keep the leaves dry at all times. Avoid soggy soil, or else the plant will rot.


Jasmine is a beautifully elegant flower. They’ll add a touch of elegance and class to any room. They also increase energy and productivity levels, and improve clarity. A group of Thai researchers found evidence that sniffin Jasmine affects parts of the brain that regulate emotion and activity levels.

Jasmine can be used as an essential oil, and its fragrance is often found in candles and diffusers.

It comes in many varieties, but our favourite is the Many-Flowered Jasmine, which is more like a bush than a bouquet. The flowers on this plant change from white to pink in the summer, which makes them versatile and interesting. They’re evergreen, which means they’ll flower all year long.

Bonus mood buster – the house plant

Scientific evidence suggests that the simple house plant reduces stress and boosts your mood, by increasing your contact with nature, and reminding us that life – in all its glory – doesn’t have to be fast paced to be beautiful.

Traditional roses are beautiful, but if you’re looking for a mood-boosting flower to brighten your world this Valentine’s Day, any one of our lovely suggestions will lighten the atmosphere and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

If you want more information, visit your local florist. That way, you’re not only supporting a local business, you’re getting advice from the people who know best.

Wishing you love and happy moods this Valentine’s Day.

Lots of love, the Ely Mattress team.


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