What is the best side to sleep on? Left or right?

We are all aware of the need for sleep and the undoubtable joyous feeling we get after a hard day when we climb into bed and get the rest and break we need and deserve.

Most people look forward to getting into bed at night to relax. But the reality for a lot of people is that a full night of healthy sleep or rest is not the case.

There are many factors that have an effect on the success of our sleep cycle, such as the food we eat, our mental and physical health and much more, but are we aware of the health benefits of our positioning? Today, we will focus on this interesting topic, and hopefully give you a greater insight into the importance of the position you choose to sleep in.

Positioning importance

Positioning yourself when you sleep may not be something you have thought to delve into, but it is actually fairly important. This is much more than comfort related. How you position yourself can impact your health.

Sleep positioning has been immensely researched, and that research has proven a lot. The most widely researched area is about the link between the position people sleep in and how this prevents or leads to disorders or health issues, as well as how it impacts the sleep cycle.

Side sleepers

Most research dictates that the left side is the best side to sleep on, because it frees your organs so that they’re able to get rid of toxins whilst you sleep. This is also the reason you are advised – unless there is a physical reason not to – to put a person into the recovery position on their left side.

Because we’re asymmetrical internally, the way we sleep does impact our insides. Sleeping on the left allows gravity to help our gut get rid of waste products. It is recommended for people with bowel conditions.

Sleeping on your left side aids digestion by freeing up our ileocecal valve, which transfers food from the small intestine to the large intestine, and sits on the lower right side of your abdomen.

For those of you with heartburn, left-side sleeping is also a good idea. It makes sure the stomach and its gastric juices are lower than the esophagus, which helps calm the condition.

But if you must sleep on your right side, don’t despair! There’s good news here, too. Side sleeping generally is better for your brain, whatever side you sleep on. It helps clear interstitial waste and might reduce your risk of developing brain disorders, like Alzheimers.

And side-sleeping reduces snoring, because it keeps your tongue from falling into your throat and blocking your airway.

Is stomach sleeping bad?

Sleeping on your stomach is not great for your internal organs or your spine. It makes you more prone to lower back pain because of the increased pressure it puts on the lower spine.

This is the one position that probably should be avoided if possible, but we know that is easier said than done. If possible, try placing pillows beside yourself, to prop you in position on your back or your sides.

Is sleeping on your back bad?

Back sleeping is great for spine alignment and helps avoid future complications. But it can negatively impact certain health conditions, like acid reflux or sleep apnea. If you must sleep on your back but you suffer from either of these conditions, try raising the upper body to ease symptoms.

What is the best sleeping position for me?

The best sleeping position for you is one you have chosen because it makes you feel comfortable, and has taken into consideration any medical conditions you have.

However you choose to sleep, you’ll want a comfortable mattress to do it on.

Not all mattresses lend themselves to multiple sleeping positions. Foam mattresses, for example, are notorious for melting into position and making it uncomfortable to move around. In fact, if you’re older, it can be virtually impossible to get out of the indent you create.

And because we don’t have much control over how we move around at night, you need a mattress that is going to allow you to move freely, or else your sleep will be disturbed.

Ely Mattress can help. Our natural mattresses are made from thirteen layers of goodness. They’re comfortable whatever position you sleep in. We’re so sure of that, we offer a thirty day sleep trial.

Plus our natural materials mean our mattresses are breathable, so they regulate your body temperature, and durable, which means they will last you a really long time. Ely mattresses come with a ten year warranty.

For more information, read about our thirteen layers.

For a whole load of interesting blogs about sleeping and how it impacts your mental health and wellbeing, visit the Ely Mattress blog page.




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