What to consider when buying a floor mattress – Natural Floor Mattress

If you are looking to buy a floor mattress, we believe, a natural mattress is the best option.

But let us look at the implications of putting a mattress directly on the floor to sleep on night after night.

Sometimes, a mattress placed on the floor looks trendy, is perfect support for you to sleep blissfully. There are many pros and cons of placing a mattress directly on the floor, as opposed to a bed frame, which we can explore within this article. We look at considerations for when buying a natural floor mattress.

Culture to sleep on the floor

These days, people sleep differently across the world. It sometimes depends on your culture or environment. Traditionally, eastern parts of the world, slept on the floor, often with a mattress, but at times, without any mattress and directly on a blanket or mat.

Nowadays, it is quite trendy to place a mattress directly on the floor instead of a bed frame. We see many influencers in the home and interior space, doing just that. They dress their floor mattress up beautifully so that it really brings out the simplicity of the concept.

What kind of mattress is suitable for the floor?

When it comes to choosing a base for your bed—or omitting one—the materials used in your mattress matter. The best option for a floor mattress, is to ensure that the materials used are breathable as there will be less air circulation through the materials. It is better to also consider a temperature regulated mattress, so that you feel cooler, and the right pressure relief is also an important consideration.

Therefore, the Ely Mattress makes such a perfect floor mattress, should you consider this option. It is made from natural materials, and is breathable, plus the materials regulate body temperature, so you will sleep soundly during all seasons.

While some beds will have no trouble supporting you on a slatted base, others like memory foam and some innerspring models will require a solid foundation to last.

What are the benefits of a floor mattress?

The main benefit of sleep on the floor is due to improved blood circulation for your whole body. There are numerous health benefits to sleeping on the floor including, neck and back pain reduction. It has also been reported that people who choose to place a mattress on the floor to sleep, have significantly lower levels of scoliosis, which is a health problem where the spine has an unnatural curve.

As far as surfaces go, floors are certain to be flat and firm, so they offer a decent support system for your mattress.

One of the greatest obvious advantages of putting your mattress on the floor comes down to cost. There is no need to spend on a bed frame or another base.

Placing the body nearer the ground, means you are accessing cooler air, which is great for optimum sleep considerations. Lower body temperature equals a more restful night’s sleep and reduces waking up in the middle of the night in a sweat. The Ely mattress is a fantastic floor mattress because it is a temperature regulating and breathable natural mattress, so sleeping on the floor means improved respiratory function and overall blood flow.

What should I consider when purchasing a floor mattress?

The most obvious hindrance of sleeping on the ground would be exposure to dust that collects on the ground. Therefore, our hypoallergenic dust-repelling mattress is a good shout for floor sleepers.

However, regular cleaning the floor below the mattress is a must to prevent respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

Ely Mattress – A natural floor mattress

You might not have given much thought to your floor mattress and what it is made from, but you should if you want to sleep healthy. Some mattresses contain chemicals that might be harmful to you, such as fire-retardant chemicals or adhesive glues.

Memory foam mattresses, go through a process called off-gassing, which happens when volatile organic chemicals used in the manufacturing process leave the material and emit a funny smell.

The Ely mattress has naturally fire-resistant properties, so it is non-toxic and chemical free. The Ely mattress is a good floor mattress because:

  • It is made from breathable materials, less likely to harbour moisture and sweat
  • It is naturally hypoallergic and dust-repellent
  • It provides optimum support
  • It wicks away moisture and sweat
  • Sleeping on it, feels like a hug

Choose a natural Ely mattress as your floor mattress here.

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