Ely Care Guide & Warranty

Ely Mattress Care Guide and Warranty

Care Guide

Your Ely Mattress is the first step towards a healthier sleep. Please take the time to read this care guide to understand which type of mattress you have purchased and how to take care of it.


Our mattress is heavy, so always use two people to handle it. Be careful when lifting the mattress to avoid any personal injury or damage to your mattress. Always call for help when moving, turning and rotating the mattress. Always use the handles to lift your mattress.


Every mattress at Ely is handmade into a standard dimension, which means that they will always vary a little in size. A difference of +/- 2cm is in line with BS1334:1996. At the time of transportation, some mattresses may contract, but they will come back to their normal length again after you use it for a short while.


All our mattresses have wool tufts that make sure that the layers remain steadfast in place. In any unlikely chance there are missing tufts, contact us on info@elymattress.com so we can arrange to have it repaired.

General advice

Everyone takes care of things they love, and your Ely mattress is no exception. Now that you have discovered your ultimate dream mattress, below are a few simple steps you can take to ensure its longevity:

  • Avoid folding or rolling your mattress as this could damage it.

  • Avoid handling sharp objects around your mattress as this could tear the fabric.

  • Do not jump on your mattress, as this could break the base the springs and the base.

Caring for your new mattress

Once your mattress has been delivered, leave it in air for 3-4 hours and do this on a weekly basis. This process helps dissipate any moisture built up and to allow the natural materials to keep their shape for longer. Turn mattress once a month & flip it at least once every two months.

Clean your mattress regularly

Clean your mattress every few months using a soft brush. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner, even if you have a precise mattress attachment, as this can relocate its natural fillings. Any spillage must be immersed by using a paper towel or a dry cloth. If there is a need to sponge the mattress, make use of a moist cloth and a mild solution of water and soap.

Supportive base

If you are using your new mattress on your own bed, it’s important that the base is in good condition. The mattress will contour to it, just as it does with your body, so we recommend replacing an old base. If the base is damaged in any way, it could be detrimental to your mattress. If your mattress is being placed on a slatted base, ensure the gaps are no more than 75mm apart. If they are, you should consider using a baseboard or under mattress. Please contact us on info@elymattress.com for further information or advice.

10 Year ElyCare (Warranty) is valid only in the United Kingdom.

  1. Parties

1.1. “the Company”, “us”, “we” or “our” shall mean ELY MATTRESS Limited of

Ely Mattress Ltd
Kemp House
152 – 160
City Road
EC1V 2NX (11626948)

1.2. “the Customer”, “you” or “your” shall mean the customer whom has purchased a mattress or bed from Ely Mattress Ltd.

1.3. “the Product” or “Goods” means the product which the customer has bought through a registered retailer of the Company or directly on our website.

1.4. “the Retailer” is the registered company who Ely Mattress Ltd have given permission to sell the Goods.

  1. Warranty

2.1. For your warranty to remain valid you must provide a purchase receipt of the Product.

2.2. The warranty covers the costs of repairing or replacing the Product or any part of the Product.

2.3. If in the unlikely event of the Product being affected by a manufacturing defect you should contact the retailer who will assist you with your complaint.

2.4. Any replacement, repair or refund within the first 1 year can only be obtained from your retailer under their terms and conditions.

2.5. Warranty valid only in the United Kingdom.

2.6. This warranty is only valid from the date of purchase and less than 10 years, provided you have returned to us a warranty registration form within 1 year of purchase of the product.  This can be found on our website www.elymattress.com.  If warranty registration has not been performed within 1 year of purchasing, this will void your remaining warranty and only allow you to claim up to one year.

2.7. The Company will repair or replace the Product or the damaged part of the Product subject to the Customer paying a pro-rata usage charge, which is based on the length of time you have had the Product and the Recommended Retail Price of the product on the date of purchase. The contributions you shall be required to make shall be as follows:


Time since Purchase Contribution from the Customer Contribution from the Company
Year 1-5 0% 100%
Year 6 10% 90%
Year 7 20% 80%
Year 8 30% 70%
Year 9 40% 60%
Year 10 50% 50%

2.7. After the 10th Year from your ‘proven’ date of purchase, your warranty will become expired.

2.8. The ‘proven’ date should be stated on the receipt from the retailer, for your warranty to be valid, we require the receipt to be shown when making any claims.

  1. Making a Claim

3.1. To claim under this warranty please contact us on the address below giving full details regarding the defect including your contact details and a copy of the receipt from the retailer.

3.2. We will then contact you regarding the matter, we will then discuss if a replacement or repair of the product will be made available.  Whether the Product is repaired or replaced will be at the sole discretion of Ely Mattress Ltd.

3.3. If the Product is to be repaired it will be at the cost price of the repair.  If the Product is to be replaced it will be at the recommended retail price set by Ely Mattress Ltd on the date of replacement. Ely Mattress Ltd will inform you of the cost prior to any actions been taken.

3.4. If you would like to proceed with the claim you are required to pay your contribution (if applicable) in full prior to any actions being taken.

  1. Exclusions

4.1. Before we repair or replace the Product under this warranty the Product must be returned to Ely Mattress Limited.

4.2. Ely Mattress Limited reserves the right to deny replacement or repairing of the Product if:

4.2.1. Where it is soiled or in an unsanitary condition; or

4.2.2. Where the defect is due to causes of wear and tear & misuse; or

4.2.3. Where the mattress is used on an unsuitable base

  1. General Provisions

5.1. The warranty applies only to you only and may not be transferred.

5.2. This warranty will be governed by English Law.  Nothing in this warranty affects your statutory rights.

Please register your warranty at www.elymattress.com

Ely Mattress Ltd
Kemp House
152 – 160
City Road
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