Go Green with Ely – Recycle your old mattress

“Waste should not equal Landfill.”

Our mission is to minimise the carbon footprint. We can recycle your old mattress when you purchase an Ely Mattress.

We value our environment and want to change waste management. Why allow your old mattress to end up in the dump?

More than 6 million old mattresses end up in landfills per year in the UK alone. Majority are made with harmful chemicals and will pose major threat to the environment’s wellbeing. Fortunately, we live in an era where many of us are eco-conscious with intentions to help the planet. Choosing a natural filled mattress will not only last longer, hence reduce waste, but most of the components are biodegradable.

Furthermore, The Furniture Recycling Group will work their magic and strip your old mattress carefully, responsibly and then offer to recycle its components. The TFR Group have recycled over 1 million mattresses to date to help reduce the extortionate landfill figures. We are privileged in being part of this reality.

* Don’t forget to add ‘Recycle your old mattress’ to your order *

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