Ely Who?

Over forty years later & our greatest achievement, Ely is born. Manufacturing over One Million mattresses of different calibre has taught us endless lessons. Ely wants to handcraft mattresses that ensure luxury, healthy, cost effective and accessible sleep. We are passionate and dedicated to making the best natural mattress in the world. Never compromise on quality and always be honest is our culture.

Ely signifies comfort, trustworthy, strength, durability, longevity and a duty of care not only for people but our valued environment.

Why we love the Ely Mattress

We’ve delved into sleep science and observed consumer sleep habits for many years. We know what consumers are wanting for a better sleep, a healthier environment and the importance of mindfulness in today’s age.


Comfort Promised

We promise to provide cosy and comfy nights with our mattresses that are designed in a way that keeps your spine aligned to help you avoid pains and aches. Our luxurious mattresses are made by keeping your comfort and health as two of the utmost priorities in mind.

Natural Layers

We use natural and non-toxic material because we care for you. Using synthetic materials can be detrimental to your health, and for you to have a good night’s sleep, we are passionate about providing the right mattress.


Our products are healthy, trustworthy, and environmentally friendly. We want our customers to have their nights comfortable and pleasant with our mattress, so when they wake up, they are completely ready and refreshed to conquer the challenges of the day ahead of them.

Temperature Control

People often overheat due to foam mattresses having the inability to eradicate heat quickly. To solve this problem, Ely is providing mattresses with pure Dorset wool, horse hair, soft cotton, silk and cashmere which will let your body breathe. Investing in the right mattress is a need, not a preference.

Safety First

We strive to offer the safest, most comfortable and toxic free handcrafted mattress. Materials used in our products have been examined and thoroughly tested, to make sure that they do not contain harmful ingredients, vapours, or by-products that could negatively impact human health. Say goodbye to the chemically-filled mattress, and good morning to Ely!

Responsibly Recycled

Ely believes in giving back to Mother Nature and so, we recycle old mattresses without using volatile chemicals, flames, and gases. We are as caring to the environment as we are to our customers.

Go Green with Ely

“Waste should not equal Landfill.”

Our mission is to minimise the carbon footprint.

We value our environment and want to change waste management.

More than 6 million mattresses end up in landfills per year in the UK alone. Majority are made with harmful chemicals and will pose major threat to the environment’s wellbeing. Fortunately, we live in an era where many of us are eco-conscious with intentions to help the planet. Choosing a natural filled mattress will not only last longer, hence reduce waste but most of the components are biodegradable.

Furthermore, The Furniture Recycling Group will work their magic and strip your old mattress carefully, responsibly and then offer to recycle its components. The TFR Group have recycled over 1 million mattresses to date to help reduce the extortionate landfill figures. We are privileged in being part of this reality.

* Don’t forget to add ‘Recycle your old mattress’ to your order *


Ready to rise up to your greatest night’s sleep?