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Baby Ely Cot Mattress


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Baby Ely is a new addition to the Ely family. Our objective was to make a mattress in an honest, simple and trustworthy way that provided the best support and comfort for babies. Luxury Handmade mattress using organic ingredients such as the outer layers of hypo-allergenic organic wool for added comfort, our beautiful Organic Baby Ely mattress is the right choice for your bundle of joy!


Free from chemicals

No fire retardant or chemicals sprays are used in our mattresses, giving your mind peace that your baby is sleeping in a natural and healthy environment.

Naturally insulating & breathable

Our mattress cleverly regulates your child’s body temperature as the ingredients are fully breathable and insulating at the same time!

Naturally hypo-allergenic

The organic wool used in our mattress is a natural absorbent which dissipates moisture away quickly. This naturally creates a dry environment, and resistance to bacteria growth & dust mites keeping the mattress and your baby clean.



At the heart of Baby Ely are comforting layers of coconut fibres which have been blended together with Natural Latex.  This structure behaves the same way as a layer of pocket springs but on a much smaller scale. This offers the strength, support and safety your child’s spine needs to ensure a healthy night’s sleep.  It also reduces any chance of dipping due to its smart structure which is a very important factor for children’s safety.