Thank god you guys took my old bed away, don’t know how I would have got rid of it.


I am so glad that finally there is a company out there who provides a natural mattress without ripping me off. A bit of advice for the those looking at one of these. I initially wanted a soft mattress but until I discussed my health, weight, age etc with customer services, they pointed to the medium to firm as I suffer a little from a stiff back and they got it right the first time. Thanks guys.


So happy with the delivery, 2 lads took it upstairs, took the packaging off and laid it on my bed.


We bought a mattress in a box about 6 months ago and paid a good £650 for it. We had it replaced twice in that time as one side kept on dipping, which meant me and my partner weren’t sleeping. We bit the bullet and decided to invest in the Ely Mattress. It’s now been a month since we’ve had unbelievable sleep. I cannot believe we suffered for almost 6 months on that horrible rolled foam mattress.


The customer service team is absolutely brilliant. They assured me throughout that the Ely Mattress will help you sleep better at night and it has! You can really feel the soft wool layer on top.


love the elephant, all my mates are like that is so cute


The medium to firm feel is so perfect for me! I didn’t want to sink in to my mattress but at the same time I didn’t want a rock to sleep on. Still can’t believe the price for what you get.


Love it!


I first came across Ely on my Instagram and at first glance it caught my eye. Once I read the product description, I thought ‘this is the one for me’. The price was certainly great but at the time I had a lot of expenses. Luckily for me they offer 0% interest free credit over 12 months. This meant the double mattress that I wanted only cost me £67 per month with no initial deposit!!


I can’t help but sing your praises Ely!


A friend told me about the Ely Mattress, saying how amazing it feels and for what you pay is unbelievable. That encouraged me to check the website and place an order. I can 100% agree with his recommendation and I certainly recommend this mattress to everyone.


Mate, what a mattress!


Excellent product, service and price!