5 tips to stay warm in bed in Winter

Looking for tips to stay warm in bed this winter? There’s nothing like the clocks going back, and the days getting shorter, to tell us we’re fast approaching the colder months of the year. All we want to do during those dark, cold days of winter is to stay snuggled up in bed feeling toasty and cosy.

But unfortunately, sometimes even keeping the cold out of your bed during winter can be tough. So here we look at 5 best tips to stay warm in bed this Winter.

What is the optimum bedroom temperature?

Sleep experts mention a bedroom temperature of between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 and 19.5 degrees Celsius) is ideal. Some will prefer warmer or cooler, but it’s a useful rule of thumb.

It’s easier to warm your bed than to cool it

This is an interesting fact about beds – we can warm them up far easier than cooling them down. Our body naturally creates a lot of heat. This heat that we produce is a key part of solving the problem of feeling harsh cold during winter.

If you have enough of the right layers to trap your own body heat in the bed, you can keep your bed warm enough to sleep just by being there. But no one fancies spending the first 15 to 20 minutes of climbing into bed, waiting for that to happen. So, we look at quicker ways to warm up your bed.

  • Use a hot water bottle

A great way to introduce an extra source of warmth is with a simple hot water bottle. A bit old-school but we can safely say this is a tried and tested method proven to work time and time again.

Hot water bottles come in all sorts of fluffy cases, so you can simply fill it with hot water (make sure it isn’t boiling kettle water) and then simply place it in your bed before you get in, or continue to use it as a feet warmer once you lay down.

  • Choose the correct tog for a winter duvet

A natural duvet filled with wool will effectively trap air effectively and you will find that your duvet is more breathable too – as opposed to its synthetic counterparts.

As for togs, it’s good to note the following seasonal togs:

(A tog is a measure of thermal insulation, giving you an idea of how warm you can expect it to be)

As a guideline, aim for these values according to the season:

  • Summer: 3 – 8
  • Spring and autumn: 7-11
  • Cold winters: 13-15

3) Choose warmer blanket materials

If you’re more of a blanket sort-of person, rather than duvets, then opt for a blanket made from wool or cotton fleece. The fibres of these materials are frizzier, which creates air pockets that trap your body heat better than flat synthetic fibres.

There are numerous types of wool, with sheep and lamb wool being the most common type used in blankets. But if you don’t mind spending a little more for the warmest types of wool, then look out for blankets made from Merino, Cashmere, Alpaca, Yak or Qiviut.

  1. Use heated bedding

Although you most certainly can feel warm in your bed during winter, by simply using the right mattress, bedding and body heat, some people want even more heat! Therefore, some people swear by an electric blanket for the winter months.

  1. Snuggle up to your partner

You probably already know this one – you may have even been that annoying partner who has super-cold feet and tries to warm them up against your partner’s toasty ones. It’s true – snuggling up to your partner in bed will help insulate the both of you, as the combined body heat stops heat from escaping.

We kept the best for last: Buy a temperature regulating mattress for Winter

We know the score: no one enjoys climbing between icy sheets and shivering themselves to sleep. So, we created a mattress that can regulate your body temperature. It won’t feel too hot during Summer and it will keep you as snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug during Winter.

The Ely Mattress comes in various sizes, so find your right fit here.



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