Why Buy an Ely Mattress?

We think the question should be why wouldn’t you buy an Ely mattress? Here at Ely, we’ve done absolutely everything we can to make sure our mattresses are perfect to sleep on, easy to buy, and good for the environment.

We really believe that you should be a real fan of the company you buy from, so we’ll start by telling you all about us.

About Ely Mattress

We have forty years of experience in the sleep and mattress industry, which means we really know our stuff. We’re passionate about good sleeping, and so we created two different types of mattress feels, with different levels of firmness, and suited to most body types.

We also sell a high quality mattress protector.

We have more products coming soon, to be launched later this year.

So, why should you buy from Ely?

Ely mattresses are made from all natural materials

We thought long and hard about what we wanted to make our mattresses from, and settled on three core natural materials:

  • Wool
  • Horse hair
  • Cotton

We chose these materials because of their amazing abilities. They’re breathable, which means they regulate your body temperature, they’re resilient, which means they will last for a really long time, and you don’t need to lather them in chemicals to make them safe and durable.

Horsehair has the added benefit of being extremely springy, which means it is very comfortable, without the need for foam.

Our mattresses are foam free

People have a lot of misconceptions about foam and its benefits, but we think there’s a lot of misleading going on.

Foam is a man-made product, and as a company who believes in using what nature has to offer, we’re not a fan of it. It’s often laced with chemicals, and isn’t great at giving support to people who are older, or those who have joint or muscle pain.

One of the main issues with foam is the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in their production, which the mattresses then release in a process called ‘off-gassing’. This can be a long and smelly process.

The general consensus is that inhaling unnatural gasses is a bad idea, especially when you’re in such close proximity to them. Lots of foam mattresses use chemicals as a fire retardant, because foam is not fire retardant on its own.

Ely mattress materials are made from materials that are naturally fire retardant, and so there’s no need to add additional chemicals.

Buy an Ely Mattress with a 30 day sleep trial

You have to be really confident in your product to offer sleep trials like this, but we are very sure that you’ll love your Ely mattress so much that you will not want to give it back.

Sleep trials are great, because they give you reassurance. You have an opportunity to try before you buy. Only companies who are absolutely certain you’re going to love your new bed can give out mattresses to try with such certainty.

We’re affordable for everyone

We know that mattresses are a reasonable expense. Lots of people keep sleeping on an out of date mattress because they can’t afford a new one. But Ely has a 0% interest free finance option, which means you can split the cost to make it more affordable for you.

Delivery for when you buy the Ely Mattress

We offer a variety of delivery options to get your new mattress to you as quickly as possible and without stress. We can deliver to you within seven to ten working days, or you can request a premium delivery option if you need it quicker.

Our two-man team is free, and will deliver to a room of your choice, which means less drama for you, and a mattress you can sleep on in no time.

We’re environmentally friendly

The environment is so important. We only have one planet to live on. So when we take into account the fact that millions of mattresses are tossed into landfill every single year, it’s concerning how much space we’re using up by putting products that won’t degrade for hundreds of years back into the environment.

Ely mattresses are fully biodegradable and made from all natural materials. That means they’ll rot away into the Earth, instead of lounging around ruining the planet.

Because we use natural materials, the construction of our mattresses is also environmentally friendly, so it’s a win-win.

We’d love to transform your sleep

We love all things sleep, and would love to help you transform your sleep. Our team can help you with and query you might have. To browse our products, visit our website. If you want more information about the thirteen layers we use in our mattress, visit our dedicated page.




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